Wednesday, March 2, 2011

$10,000 Challenge = 1 week left!

My $10,000 is almost over. I have done pretty well I think. I have been quite motivated and focused. I know I could have done better but overall I am pretty happy so far. I have 1 week left.

This past week I didn’t make much. My husband didn’t have any over time and I was so sick most of the week, then my kids were, so this week was pretty much a write off. I have $1,200 to find in the next week to successfully complete my challenge.

I am not quite sure how we will do that, but I am up for it.

Our wardrobes were installed yesterday and the driveway starts today, so whilst this $10,000 challenge has been awesome, it’s not actually cash in my hand right now. I do love my wardrobes though and can’t wait for the driveway.

The things I have been using this $10,000 for, whilst not cash physically, they are all to do with my home and improving its value and helping to create a faster sale when we list it to move. Honestly, for me, that can’t happen fast enough, but I need to be patient.

This week I am not really sure what my plans are for making more money. My husband has done a little overtime and I have had one opportunity come up that may make me money, but I am not sure it will happen in the 1 week timeframe. Also, I can’t discuss details of it just yet.

I am sure something will come up to help me. I just need to be open to opportunities.

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  1. Wow, you are doing so well. I can't wait to hear how you find that last $1200 - I have no doubt you'll manage it somehow!


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