Friday, March 4, 2011

$100 Christmas

This week as I was reading some blogs I came across an awesome challenge to do with Christmas and presents. Over at The Saved Quarter they have a $100 holiday challenge. Basically for all the presents they give they spend no more than $100 total. Not $100 each present. $100 to cover everyone. (Or at Cents to Save they are doing $500)

Now, at first, this may seem extreme and impossible, but there are many ways to make this work. They use gift cards and vouchers from different sites. There’s a lot more of these in the States, but there are still plenty you can find here in Australia, which I have listed here. There’s mystery shopping, online surveys and more you can do.

You can re-gift if you are comfortable with that and make sure you don’t do it in the same social circles so you don’t hurt anyone’s feelings.

You can also make gifts such as sewing bags, aprons or pencil cases, growing things such as herbs, fruit or vegetables, cook gifts such as biscuits, cakes or jams.

There’s always the option too of vouchers for service, such as 5 hours free babysitting or looking after the kids overnight, doing someone’s garden for them, mowing lawns or even cleaning in the house. Anything you can do they might like.

Doing a Christmas for under $100 is doable, but does require planning. It’s easier with younger kids in comparison to teens who want the latest $500 gadget (although, personally I am opposed to spending that much on your kids, up to you though). But, in an effort to stop being so materialistic I have decided to embrace this challenge.

Some people are doing it as a $500 Christmas challenge, but I am going to stick to $100. I will be using gift cards I accrue for various reasons throughout the year. I do some surveys online, but also collect points through FlyBuys, Everyday Rewards and Franklins but am not sure I will earn enough points for anything through them.

I’ll post later about my action plan, but thought I would share this now. So who’s interested?


  1. I AM... does this include food etc.. or just presents?

  2. I hadn't decided yet, but I was leaning towards doing ALL of Christmas for just $100. Presents, food, everything.

    It ends up so expensive every year for no real good reason. Its not the point of Christmas.

    So yeah, probably all for me, but you can do just presents. :)

  3. I'm very interested! I'm hoping to do a christmas day each month, figure if I do something on the 25th of every month to do with xmas, then I'll be able to save money and be organised! I'll have to think about the amount... not sure if I could do it for $100... but even to do it for $200 would be awesome.

  4. Yep count me in, I'd already planned a mostly handmade Christmas so this challenge fits perfectly.
    I'd like to see if I can cover food in that $100 as well and the money I save can go towars our family holiday.

  5. I did this as just presents, not food, but that would certainly add to the challenge!

    Last year it was really manageable, but I did start early in the year and catch a few great breaks! I'm so glad that others are joining in this year. Good luck!

  6. Thanks everyone and thanks for starting it The Saved Quarter!!

    So far I am doing well, so I think I can do it. I am not hosting Christmas dinner, which makes it easier to cover food as well. :)

  7. Christmas can sneak up on us and at the last minute the panic shopping kicks in! I am definitely finding it easier to buy items now (with gift cards) or on clearance and stash them away for Christmas gifts. I look forward to following your $100 Christmas Challenge!!


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