Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Results of week 2 and plans for week 3 - $10,000 Challenge

Last week was not a huge money earner as I was unwell and my husband took time off work. Since he is casual time off work means no pay. But we went from $648.07 to $1533.48 which is a pretty good effort. This is mostly from my husband’s work and cutting back where we can.

We still need $8,467 in the next 4 weeks to reach our goal, but we are on track.

I have still been going through all our stuff, getting rid of what we don’t need or use and am amazed at how much we have to get rid of. I knew we had a lot but I had no idea it was this much. I am looking at everything and thinking “Do I really want to move this again?” And most of the time the answer is a big fat NO!

Over the next few weeks we have a bit on, but that won’t deter me from doing what I can for this challenge. This week we have a wedding and I was going to buy a new outfit, but will have a go at making one first, since I have fabric that has been sitting there waiting for me to turn it into a skirt.

I have done a menu plan for this week. Last week was harder as we had extreme weather with 40C+ temps all week (ok, 1 day it was 39C, wow). This week is cooler which is much easier to cook and save money in. We have all our meat plus a fair amount of veg, so our grocery shop should be low.

So my plans for this week to make and save money for our challenge are
1.)    Make my skirt for the wedding
2.)    List a few things for sale on eBay/oztion/gumtree/somewhere
3.)    Stick to my grocery list and menu plan
4.)    Transfer all excess after mortgage and bills
5.)    Continue to de-clutter and put things aside for our garage sale

All very doable, so hopefully next week I will have a good report!

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