Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Morrissey Sunglasses Winner!!

We have a winner! I added up all the comments, plus for those who said they tweeted/put it on facebook, added a savings tip etc... I put in your extra entries, then put the numbers into a random number generator at and got a winner!

But first I wanted to share the awesome money tips everyone shared.

Alicia of alogabby manor and Our journey with hemihypertrophy shared “If you have a savings goal, add every leftover amount from your everyday bank account to your savings account. For example if after paying your bills you have $134.60 in your account, transfer the $34.60 into your savings account then at the end of the pay period transfer whatever is leftover as well. You will reach your savings goal in no time!”

Miggles of Miggles Masterpieces and Mission 101 in 1001 shared “My Money savings tip is don't go shopping with your DH LOL No my serious tip is budget for 10% less than you earn and budget your bill 10% higher so you will always have room to move if you need it.”

Scather of Scathing Weekly shared a load of free and cheap ebooks as her tip, you can check them out here. It must have taken a while to compile these and it is a great resource, so have a look.

Acting like a mama of acting like a mama shared “Mmm my best money tip is to sit down on the weekend and prepare (financially) for the week. I need to pay for parking for 3 days (that $21 of coin I need) and I like getting a coffee on those days too. If I don't have the right amount of coin, I always end up at the local corner shop buying $10 worth of crap just so I can get some change. By not planning ahead I end up spending up to 4 times as much money as I actually need.”

Happy Harris from Simple Savings shared “Saving tip - probably heard it before but it works for me is to Menu plan what you want for the next 3 weeks and then shop accordingly.
Plus never shop with kids, one it saves money but also saves the insanity with children whinging”

So thank you everyone so much for contributing and here is our winner...


(I’ll email you privately)

Thank you for helping me get to 400 followers. I have another big give away planned at 500 followers, which I think you’ll all be excited about!


  1. Congratulations on 400 followers, Aspiring Millionaire, and thanks for the add! I've just posted some more free ebooks under the eBooks tab on my blog.

  2. YAY!! First time I remember winning anything. Thank you cant wait to get them.


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