Saturday, February 5, 2011

February - Being Organised

 Continuing with my New Years Resolutions this month will be based on getting rid of anything I do not need or use, sticking to a proper cleaning schedule and setting up my life to have proper routines and to run more smoothly. I have been de-cluttering really well and cleaning things up to sell which was my first step. Why organisation? Well the more organised you are the better everything runs and since time is money, if you can save time you save money or have more time to devote to making money.

My second step was getting quotes and arranging my new kitchen and built in robes. With these in the house I will finally be able to organise all our rooms and our rumpus room can go back to being a rumpus room instead of a kitchen/dining/storage space. With all that sorted I will have a place for everything and won’t waste time looking through boxes for stuff I need.

Another thing high on my organisation list is planning the use of my time better. You see I have quite a few things going on in my life, which I am fine with, but I try and do them all at once, when really I should focus on one thing and then the next as I will achieve more this way.

Being more organised with things like groceries, menu planning, having cool drinks in the fridge and packing food when we go out will save us a lot too.

But my main reasons for wanting to get more organised are to study, I have a test for my diploma this month, and to work on my big project, which I will reveal soon. I promise. I need all the time I can get for these things.

What helps you be more organised?


  1. Diary/notebook!
    I use my phone calander alot now as it sets off alarms when I have things I need to remember/do.
    but i also use a notebook and write everything down in there too, I klnow exactly what has to be done by when and how far along i am and what I need to do to get it done... works pretty damn good for me :)

    Good luck!

  2. Yes! I forgot to include that. I am buying a smartphone (HTC Desire HD) so that should help a lot.


  3. DH being at work helps me be more organised LOL We use the Google calendar and that helps our family be more organised otherwise I'm a list maker, I have a list next to my computer that I update each night of what I need done tomorrow/week/month. I get more done when my list is full than if its not.


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