Thursday, February 17, 2011

Exciting news - A publishing contract

Something amazing happened to me last year, but I couldn’t share it until now. I signed a book contract with Wiley Publishers and it was they who approached me, I didn’t even have a full manuscript at the time.

How did I get a publishing contract without even trying? Well, I signed up to attend the Aussie Bloggers Conference, the first ever to be held in Australia, so very exciting! Then one day I got an email from the acquisitions editor saying she saw my blog name, which sounded interesting, checked it out, and saw a post of mine that would be perfect to turn into a book. She didn’t even read the whole thing, she just wanted to contact me straight away!

I thought it might be a scam of some sort at first, but my sister pointed out it is costing me nothing and they were offering an advance to write the book, so really I had nothing to lose. (Wise words from a big sister!)

So with some back and forth we (editor and I) hashed out the sort of book it should be and she presented it at a meeting to see if they would publish it and they agreed!

Then it was a matter of me turning the post into a book and now we are at the editing/formatting stage which they are doing. It has been so exciting and I have been wanting to tell you all, but wanted to hold off a little, until it was a sure thing and really happening.

It won’t be out for a few months yet, as we still need to finish editing it and things, but I am so excited I just wanted to share.

As we go along, I will share more details with you about it, but since it is still early stages I can’t say much.

Oh, and the post has been removed from the blog now, so I can’t direct you to it.

What’s amazing to me about this whole thing (beside the fact that I have never heard of a publisher approaching someone like this, with no manuscript or anything) is that I nearly didn’t attend the blogging conference. In fact, I nearly pulled my blog altogether last year. I was having a hard year emotionally and it was becoming all too much.

This just goes to show that you never now what’s around the corner and if you just push through amazing things can happen.

I was really lucky to have a really supportive family who encourage me to keep going (even my husband who thought blogging was stupid) and thanks to their support I did.

So you see, anything is possible.


  1. Gives me hope! Yay, that is so exciting! What was the advance? :)

  2. Thanks.

    The advance was a couple of thousand, which was nice.

  3. That's awesome news! well done!! It must have been excrutiating keeping this huge secret for so long.

  4. Thanks everyone.

    Alicia, it nearly killed me! lol.

  5. Well done!!! How wonderful for you! I'm so very pleased for you ... :) your dreams are coming much closer to reality now.


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