Wednesday, February 16, 2011

End of week 3 and plans for week 4 $10,000 challenge

This week has been all over the place in regards to my $10,000 challenge. Since the challenge for us was inclusive of savings on any quotes or things we had to pay for we have had some surprising results this week.

Firstly I got a $1,000 cheque which I had been waiting for, so was really happy to get. Straight into the bank with it!

Secondly I finally managed to get another quote for our driveway. I had tried 6 times to get people out, but most did not turn up so we had 1 quote which was $9,000 plus excavation which would be $400 - $1,000. So up to $10,000. It was a lot, but the current dirt situation is not working and looks awful. During the week our neighbour a few houses up was getting theirs down so we watched and waited to see how they did, how they worked etc... and we really happy with what they did, so I got my husband to run up and ask for a quote. They came down, quoted us and I nearly fell over.

The quote was $5,300! It didn’t include council fees, but they are only $120, (other concreters told us they were $300 and included in their quote, but I checked with council). So we booked them. They turned up when they said they would to sign papers, they return phone calls and do the job nice and quick, so I am really looking forward to getting it done.

Also this week I bought a couple of things which were on our list and saved another $55 there, plus we paid off the kitchen, put a deposit down for the built in wardrobes and will be paying a deposit for the driveway this week.

This week my husband’s wage was not as high as usual due to not getting as many shifts (casual worker) but we still did incredibly well. We also had a wedding which cost slightly more than expected (reception was pay your own, which we were fine with) and a few other things, but hey, that’s life!

So we have $2533.78 in the actual account (as we had the money already for the deposits and things paid) and with the savings we have made this week we really only need to find another $1,000 total for everything, which is very exciting.

Obviously we are still aiming for more, and have some plans in place, but that’s where we are at right now.

As for week 4 our plans are this:

1.) List stuff to sell (did some and already sold some last night, but waiting til all sales are finalised and the money is in my account before counting it)
2.) Photograph more stuff to list
3.) Deposit coins I have found
4.) Hopefully get my husband to sort his stuff to see what he wants to get rid of.
Our new kitchen goes in this week, then the bench next week and once that happens I will organise my house better and will have a few more things to get rid of. I’m so excited!

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