Thursday, February 24, 2011

$10,000 Challenge, week 4

Firstly thank you everyone for your suggestion with my last post lack of financial education today, I will be looking into your ideas once I am qualified.

So this week I have not done much on the earning side. We have been pretty busy but the challenged has remained in the back of my mind. I have been presented with some opportunities which could prove to be quite financially beneficial and have had a few ideas for things I could do which won’t earn me money right now, but will later.

Overall our $10,000 challenge has been travelling well. Since in the beginning I stated that I would be including any savings as well as earnings to make the total our current total stands at $8,637. I need $1,363 in the next 2 weeks, which I think is doable. I would love it to be more, but we’ll see.

Also, my kitchen has the cupboards and bench in now, so it is just a matter of the splashback and it is pretty much done. I have a few more things being done in the next week which will add value to my home. Whilst I won’t see this money right now, it will benefit me when I plan to sell (hopefully within 12 months).

This week has also brought me closer to finishing my diploma as I passed and exam and it saw my husband getting a call for a job with a higher wage he really wanted, so hopefully that all works out too. I had a job interview as well, but now it looks like I may have some big projects coming up, so will have to juggle things and see if it is still possible if they want me that is!

So all in all this challenge is travelling along very nicely.

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  1. Wow Aspiring Millionaire, a lot is happening!! You are incredibly close to achieving many goals, well done.


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