Monday, January 17, 2011


Recently things have been a bit rough throughout Australia in terms of natural disasters with ALOT of Queensland being flooded, parts of Western Australia, New South Wales and Victoria all having floods as well, things are not so great. One great thing to come out of all of it is the great community spirit and how everyone is pitching in, helping and getting things done.

This amongst other things has got me rethinking things in my life. Recently I have had a lot on my plate which has meant a lot of my time has been at the computer instead of with my family. I have been studying, working on a separate big project, researching for home renovations, trying to blog as well as family things.

The recent events have made me rethink my current lifestyle. I do not want my kids memories of me to be I am so busy and always at the computer. I am loving what I am doing and I am working towards deadlines, but if something happened to me, I am sure they would remember me working more than spending time with them.

As such, whilst I am still striving to become a millionaire and financially free, I am going to be spending more time with my family. I will be doing it as frugally as possible though, so I will be on the lookout for free activities and will post back when I have some.

I will also be taking my own advice and finding a balance between everything in my life.

So I will be taking a small step back for a little bit to refocus, reorganise and rebalance my life.


  1. Sometimes we get so engrossed in something, that we forget other equally or more important matters. Eg we work so hard that we neglect the family, or, we scrimp and save, but feel miserable because we don't treat ourselves occasionally. I hope you find an acceptable balance :)

  2. Thanks Jo.
    I had some heavy deadlines recently making balancing hard, but that is all over now, so I am seeking balance. :)


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