Thursday, January 6, 2011

My need for an emergency fund

Things do not always go as planned. Our plan when we moved was that my husband would work in his old job for a few weeks until his transfer was processed then he would go back to his old company. His company lost the contract he was going to be employed for so he no longer has a job with them.

The job he has been doing as his filler job pretty much dried up. He has got some shifts doing various things here and there but nothing stable. This for many would be cause to stress. I am not worried though. I know everything will be fine.

For starters we have quite an emergency fund. We didn’t want to touch it, but it is there if needed. It took a while to get it built up, but by adding bits here and there we did it.

Secondly I live in Australia where there is pretty good government assistance in comparison to other countries. Yes for many it is a struggle for many to live on and it only just covers my mortgage and food, but it is better than nothing. You also get a lot of discounts with everything from medicine to land rates and other bills.

Thirdly I have been studying and will have completed my studies well before our emergency fund would run out. There are a lot of jobs in our area for what I am studying and in similar fields, so I feel confident right now.

Also I have been diligently working on some big projects for this year, which if go as well as predicted will mean income is not a huge issue.

In the mean time I am trying to live as frugally as possible. I am actually kind of glad this has happened because things I would dearly love to have and do such as a vegetable garden and chickens are more appealing to my husband!

This is just what has happened to me, but I look all around at the moment and with the floods in Queensland and other parts of Australia, being drought stricken for years and the constant threat of bushfires here, I can see many reasons to have an emergency fund.

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