Friday, January 28, 2011

Make or save money with a few habit changes

Sometimes we do things purely out of habit and if we changed those habits it could save us a lot of money, possibly even make us money depending on what it is.

Some of the habits I have been trying to change are:

Buying home magazines instead I now look at home/renovating blogs, most have tutorials and awesome before and after pictures plus many are done on small budgets, not $50,000 for a bathroom.

Shopping for fun always results in buying something. I have changed this by just not going, or going with someone who hates shopping so it becomes a chore, no longer fun. I have also created a list of things we need/really really want and can only buy off this list. We sat down, worked it out together and won’t be changing it on a whim.

Browsing eBay now if there is not something specific I need I just don’t go on there.

Sticking with what I know/have this applies more for bills/services such as insurance, internet and phone deals. I am working on this one, and have already put a few things in place that will save us money, but there is more to do. I have to convince my husband it’s worth it for some of it.

By looking for ways I can change my habits or feed them for free (such as swapping the magazines for blogs) I am saving a fair bit of money without feeling like I have to give up everything or deprive myself totally.

The above ideas are just a few of the things I have done but there are many, many more you could do. As well as saving money there are things you could do to make money such as selling cuttings. When doing your gardening instead of throwing away all the clippings you could pot them and sell them. Or you could offer co workers a lift and they put in a little for petrol money. If you were already driving and they are near you or on the way it can be an easy way to make a little and it’s cheaper for them too.

There are many things in our lives that we could make or save money with if we changed how we did it a bit (or sometimes a lot).


  1. I totally agree about the eBay thing - I'm saving a fortune now I only browse when there's something specific I need!

  2. I'm BAD for impulse shopping so now I keep all my money except what I need in an online account. It's a hassle to transfer it over and takes time so I'm not buying so much anymore! and I now have extra money at teh end of my pay period!

  3. This is a great post. Another tip I have to avoid buying home magazines is to check out real estate agency's catalogues. You can pick these up for free, you still get the relaxing experience of some non-screen reading with the glossy feel of a magazine, and it lets you see what kinds of homes are selling (or not!) in your area at the moment.
    PS. Thanks for following my blog!


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