Monday, January 3, 2011

January - Health month

As I mentioned here I am doing my New Year Resolutions (NYR) differently and focusing on one thing each month. The month of January is health. I would like to lose 10 – 15kg. I was 65kg when I got married and would love to be slim like that again. I was not healthy though, so my aim is to get there but be healthy.
There is so much advice out there about how to lose weight and I have tried various things before but I really need to get my butt into gear! I have lost almost 20kgs since having my daughter almost 2 years ago, which is good, but I seem to be hovering around the ‘10k heavier than I’d really like, but am sort of ok with’ weight.
Here’s my plan of attack
1.) Last year I discovered I am gluten intolerant which is great for limiting options but there are still too many unhealthy gluten free options! I have discovered that when I went off pasta, bread etc... it was easier to lose and maintain weight. Then I tried the gluten free options and my weight crept up a little. As such I am avoiding most bread/pasta/rice foods.
2.) I am using 7 day free gym passes. I have collected a few of these so am simply going to gym hop to get me in the exercise mind frame again. It is too hot for exercising outside here, so an air conditioned gym is much more appealing, but I do not want to pay for it so I have been collecting 7 days free coupons and will use them now we have more of a routine at home.
3.) In French Women Don’ Get Fat M talks about only taking 1 bite of something you really love such as chocolate cake instead of eating a whole slice. Savour that one bite. Have you noticed that the first bite of something is the best anyway? So why not leave it at that?
4.) I am going to attempt to go sugar free. This will be extremely hard since it is in virtually everything but it’s not impossible.
5.) No processed foods. I want to eat as close to nature as possible, so no chips, no readymade meals, nothing that has been processed. I will be eating simple foods.
6.) Eat organic where possible. Where I live it is not the easiest to find organic food in stores. I plan on trialling a few online fruit and veg stores that deliver. It is meant to be better for you, more filling and you eat less.

If I can lose 1kg a week or even 2 – 3kg a month that will be awesome. You can read about why health affects your finances here.

What has worked for you in the battle against the bulge?


  1. That's a great resolution and your plan of attack sounds very sensible. I've always found that calorie counting works well for me - that way I'm not restricting what I can eat, but I need to make decisions about the quantities I eat. I also find that an exercise buddy helps a lot with motivation. Good luck!

  2. Excercise buddies r great! I've also got a NYR of getting healthier, so I'm teaming up with my little sister who wants to get into better shape for her Rock-Climbing competitions and we're gonna team it up!

    Good luck with your plan!


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