Friday, December 10, 2010

New Year Resolutions - slightly different

I have been thinking about my goals/new year resolutions (NYR) for 2011. I have goals set for myself and the fact that we are about to come to a new year doesn’t change them but I have decided to set one things a month to work on to improve my life.

I find many people set out with the best intentions Jan 1 and do their list of NYR and before the end of January most of those resolutions are broken already. Often people try to tackle the whole list beginning January 1. It doesn’t work that way. Trying to change every aspect of your life overnight is daunting and you will naturally fall back into your old habits. We as humans do not change easily. It is better to tackle one thing at a time, get it under control then include the next one.

I have areas in my life I want to improve and have decided on the following…
Jan – Health
Feb – Organization
March – Education
April – Service
May – Barter/freebies
June – Finances
July – Family
August – Gardening
September – Housing
October – Switch it off
November – Christmas
December – Relaxing/Me

Health will be based around exercising, drinking lots of water, finding the best places to buy organic food, using natural beauty products and switching everything in my home to natural products. I will also be going to bed by 10pm.

Organization will be based on getting rid of anything we do not need or use, sticking to a proper cleaning schedule and setting up our life to have proper routines and to run more smoothly.

Education will be based on the current course I am doing. It is self paced and I could be doing it faster than I have been, so I would like to focus on it in March a lot. My aim is to complete it this month and possibly get a job.

Service is all about looking for opportunities to help others. I won’t be focusing on doing monetary donations but focusing on spending my time to help others such as volunteering in some way, do an operation Christmas child shoebox, a Vinnies hamper etc…

Bartering/freebies will be all about looking for ways to swap services or things I have in exchange for things I need. It is about community spirit and reducing consumption and waste. If I can get it for free or barter for it I will.

Finances since June is the end of the financial year it the time of year I go over my finances, review the past year, get everything in order for doing my tax and work a new budget for the coming year.

Family are always important to me but I have a few things planned for July which are special and out of the ordinary. I am already focusing on spending quality time with my various family members each day but this month will focus on my extended family as well.

Gardening The weather is warming up this time of year which makes it a great time to get my garden sorted again with fresh seeds, pulling the weeds and redesigning it.

Housing I am looking at selling my house and buying a new one so this month will be spent researching where I want to buy as well as my local area, how much I can sell my house for and what I need to do to make it easier to sell.

Switch it off is about spending less time connected to everything all the time. I will be switching off my phone or just not taking it with me as well as switching off the computer a lot more and cutting back on the amount of technology we use. I plan on having everything switched off at 6pm and spending time together as a family.

Christmas will be here soon so I will spend November getting presents, wrapping paper etc… Just preparing everything so it is all ready to go and I do not have to think about it in December.

Relaxing/me I think says it all. We often neglect ourselves so in December I will be booking into a day spa and having a “me” day as well as just learning to relax more. I stress too much, as anyone in my family could tell you!

So those are my plans. What are yours?


  1. I love this idea of breaking it down by months. I think this is a great way to come up with reasonable goals. Best of luck in getting them all done.


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