Monday, December 6, 2010

Create your own luck!

I often hear people say how lucky we are because we have a house, a car, my husband has a job, I am able to be a stay at home mum etc... Yes we are lucky in one sense, but really it is not about luck.

We worked hard and looked around for a long time for our house. We have made the mortgage payment each month which is higher than rent, but worth it long term. We have paid extra off the mortgage and have worked on renovating the house, most of that done by my husband. It wasn’t luck that got us our house, it was hard work and focussing on what we wanted.

Our car in my opinion is nice, but not what I want. We are lucky to have a car, but again it was our hard work that paid for it. It didn’t magically fall into our hands. We worked, saved and bought it. We pay the insurance, petrol and maintenance.

My husband has a job because he is a hard worker and is highly sought after due to his hard work ethics. We live in areas where there is work and my husband undertook extra study to get a job he likes. He went after it and now has people head hunting him because he is good at what he does.

I can be a stay at home mum because I am careful with our money. I make most things from scratch, I budget, I cook, I sew and we do pretty much everything we can ourselves. It is not luck, it is hard work and doing it ourselves.

We are lucky that we were born/live where we do and these things are options for us. We are lucky that there is so much opportunity around to learn more so we can apply things to our lives. But mostly we work hard. We look for opportunities, we learn and we do what we can before paying others to do what we are capable of.

We are lucky because we set goals and work towards them, We have an aim and a reason behind doing what we do. Instead of saving simply because we should we are saving for something. Having a reason to do something makes it so much easier.

We sacrifice in some areas to get what we want in others. We put off the desire of wanting everything now and prioritise what is important and needed now.

I don’t really believe in luck. I believe if you are doing everything you can and are focussed good things will happen, but mostly because you have made it happen. Life gives you what you ask for, so think BIG!


  1. You can actually learn to be lucky too.

    Looking out for opportunities and being observant helps

  2. What an incredibly inspiring post ! I just adored it :)

    [12:04:34 PM] Rachel : My name is Corina, and I have a blog

    I am starting to connect with other like-minded bloggers like you and just wanted to reach out and say hello.  

    Thanks and best wishes for a happy holiday season.

    Corina McCoy

    ShesConnected Community Manager

  3. Yes, it's kind of like Oprah says, you make choices in your life that eventually add up to an opportunity. Or, something like that!

  4. Being observant helps a lot FB.

    Welcome Corina. Great blog.

    I don't watch TV, so must be one of the few people who didn't know Oprah says something like it, lol. Good to know though. I agree with her. Thanks Kristy.


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