Sunday, November 7, 2010

Mini Update

I thought it might be time for an update on what I have been up to and how I am doing.

Things are a bit all over the place at the moment. I moved interstate a few weeks ago, but my house was so badly damaged from the tenants I have spent those weeks just trying to repair it. It is coming along nicely though and should hopefully be mostly finished by Christmas.

So far I have had to bleach and scrub the entire house, sand back, putty and repaint walls and ceilings, taken rubbish to the dump (thanks to my big brother and his car and dads trailer), bought new lights to replace these ones, priced curtains, new kitchen, floor boards and driveway. There is a lot of work to do. Some is being handled by professionals, some by us.

My shares are performing well and I will be buying more soon. I have been watching shares I am considering buying, and so far all the ones I like seem to increase or maintain sort of level, no major drops in prices, so that is good.

I have been looking at property in the area we are now living in. I wanted to move back to Canberra originally, but some things have come up since I moved and it is better to stay here.

I am busy with a new project which I am EXTREMELY excited about. I won’t tell you much right now, but when it is further into happening I will. It was something suggested to me, not something I thought of myself and the person who suggested has been helping heaps, so fingers crossed it all goes well. (That was a bit cryptic, I know, sorry. You’ll know more soon! Promise.)

I didn’t get to have a garage sale before we left, but I have a date set to do one here, provided nothing comes up. It seems I have something on every Saturday almost from now until Christmas! There a lot of stuff still in boxes here and some of it I am thinking I will just sell.

My book, 26 Ingredients has been going ok, not fantastic. I have some plans for it next year so hopefully that will help it along.

I have cashed out quite a few survey rewards lately which has been really nice and helpful. I now have gift cards for Christmas presents, some of the renovations here and some cash. is progressing well. I log in daily, do some a survey and get paid. I wrote about it here. It is not money in my hand yet, but if it does work it will be a nice amount.

My total hasn’t changed much in the last few months, in fact it has only gone up by a few thousand, so I am just above the $50,000 mark. One thing I have found hard now is not spending it. I have seen so many things I want to buy, but need to realise that I just can’t have everything.

The long term reward of saving, investing and being financially free is much better than a new hand bag!

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  1. Well have to say I am pretty impressed, well done you! ;o) Myself I am about to purchase my first rental property, quite excited, and am about to invest some of the money I have made this year into shares etc when I know I have cashflow needed to expand my 'business' ;o)


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