Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Being lazy gets expensive

I realised today just how expensive being lazy can be. There are so many things when if dealt with straight away or done differently can save you so much money.

It occurred to me when I was hanging out my washing. It was a rather warm and humid day today and I just did not feel like going outside to hang my washing. I did it and as I did it got me thinking just how many things cost me money because I am too lazy.

You see, I could have put them in the dryer. It only costs about $1 to run a load, but since I end up doing a load almost every day, that’s almost $365 a year.

There are other things such as take away once a week for $30 (I don’t do this, I am using it as an example), not switching off electrical appliances when they aren’t in use, not treating stains on my clothes as soon as I spill something, not planning meals properly then buying too much food and throwing it out, not grouping errands to save fuel, wear and tear on the car, not paying bills on time and getting late fees, these are just a few of the things I thought of.

Not to mention the health problems associated with being lazy. If you are too lazy to cook dinner and grab take away chances are it won’t be healthy. If you are too lazy to walk to the shops within walking distance and drive instead, if you are too lazy to do any exercise you will end up putting on weight. Eat unhealthy foods and not exercising leads to all sorts of health problems. Not only are they expensive to treat but your whole quality of life changes.

Going back to the take away and other small things we do because “we can’t be bothered doing it properly/frugally”, whilst they may seem small, have you ever added them up?

Take away once a week = $30wk/$1560yr
Standby rates on electricals = $400+ yr
Ruing clothes = $200+
Extra errands = $20 wk/$1040yr
Late fees = $200 +yr
These are just a few minor things yet they add up to $3400+. That is a few thousand dollars a year. Imagine if you looked at all the “little” things this way and added up their annual value. Would it scare you?

Not only do these little things add up they can result in missed opportunities. Watching these little things and changing our lazy habits can result in money for a house deposit, the money to start a business, invest in shares or a dream holiday.

I realise sometimes we are just too tired to do things, but more often than not it is sheer laziness that stops us from doing things we know we should, but just can’t be bothered.

How do you change that? Baby steps.

1.) Pick one habit you could change and work on it at first. Don’t try and change everything at once or it will overwhelm you and you won’t change a thing.
2.) Be diligent and consistent. It takes work to change habits, it doesn’t happen instantly. You took time to form these habits, now it will take time to change or break them.
3.) Get enough sleep. If your laziness is a result of being too tired, go to bed earlier. If you are staying up to watch a TV show or play video games you really have no excuse, it is a waste of time and it is costing you money.
4.) Recognise the changes you have made and be proud of yourself.
It is hard to change but it is worth it. Tiny things add up and whilst it may only be a few cents here, one dollar there it all adds up.

Take care of the cents and the dollars take care of themselves.


  1. Snacks. Add snacks to that list.

    I could make my own but.. sometimes :P

  2. This is SOOOO true! Man I need to look at some ways to save money so I can travel! :D and cost my parents less.


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