Thursday, October 7, 2010

Tips on selling a car

Selling a car can be really frustrating but you can make it easier.

The easiest option is trading it in, but you won’t get much for it. You will usually get thousands of dollars less than what it is worth, but if you are in a hurry and want to do a deal on one of their cars this can be the best option.

If you have a bit more time, selling it privately means you can get more for it. It can be a bit of a hassle with returning emails and getting constant phone calls but when it’s a few thousand dollars difference I think it’s worth it.

This week I sold my car and it was a relatively easy process this time.
- I placed an ad on Carsales. It was only $30 more for a premium ad, meaning I got more photos and my ad would come up either at or near the top when someone looked for my type of car.
- I put up photos of every angle of my car plus photos of the inside
- I listed everything that is on my car
- I had serviced it recently so made sure to note that in the listing and that it has full log book history
- I still have a few months on the rego which appeals to most people. If they have to pay for rego within weeks of purchase most people do not like this.
- I had looked up my car on Redbook to see what it was worth and listed it at the lower end of the value because I wanted it sold asap.
- I kept all the details of the car in one spot to enable me to see them quickly and answer any questions when anyone called.
- I was available as possible, enabling more people to look at my car.

I could not believe how much interest I had in my car this time round. I have tried selling a car before with no luck. I did a few things differently and it was so much better.

I do think the fact that it was a 4WD helped and that it had a couple of extras other models didn’t have, but I think following my above steps made the whole process easier.

How about you, any tips for selling a car?


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  2. Thanks for the list of tips. I'm going to sell my car soon, so this is a handy list for me to follow.

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