Thursday, October 28, 2010

Seeing positives in lifes changes

Life changes all the time and sometimes we need to change our plans/goals accordingly. I am not saying give up on your goals, it’s just sometimes we need to modify them or modify the way we will achieve those goals.

Yes when it comes to goals we need to get past any obstacle and keep persevering. It is the only way we will truly succeed. I am talking more about life changes and how that affects our plans.

It’s not always bad. Sometimes it might seem bad, but it can turn out to be a blessing in disguise.

I have had a lot of changes in my life over the last year and it has not been an easy one. At times I felt like throwing in my whole million dollar challenge. It just felt all too hard. The way I wanted to do it/ thought I would do it was just not going to happen. The main thing I wanted to do was renovate old homes and resell them. My husband did not.

I am a little OCD about things going the way I plan and do not handle it too well when they don’t. I am getting better at it, but I know it is a huge flaw of mine.

One way I have found really helpful is to try and look at the positives or at least try to find some positives. I am not by nature one of those people who can always find the positives. I am a generally happy person, but I cannot really handle things not going right. If it is not going according to my plan, the world is ending (well, in my eyes anyway!)

So looking at positives is not easy for me but it is something I am learning. Take my house for example. It has been a rental for the last few years. We wanted to sell it and buy in Canberra. We put it on the market, it didn’t sell, so we asked the tenants to vacate and we moved in.

Our tenants had been great, but it was like once the house was for sale they stopped caring. When we did the final inspection I wanted to cry, my house was so bad. How bad? There’s some pictures here.
- Mould on all the cornices
- Bathroom, despite being new when they moved in was now all mouldy and the towel rails etc... all rusty
- Lawn completely over grown and full of rubbish
- Rubbish in the garage
- A MASSIVE cockroach problem
- Drawing on the walls and lots of dents and scratches
- Gouge marks in the wooden floors
So that gives you a bit of an idea what we were looking at.

At first I was really sad, then angry. But then I decided to look at the positives.
- This finally motivated my husband to do something about the house
- We would be able to renovate the house and sell it for more
- We would be able to present the house better when it is on the market
- It would give us renovation experience
- We wanted to repaint and now they are paying for it
- It gave us an excuse to buy tools (I have wanted an electric sander for so long!)
- Sydney is cheaper for everything, so we will save money living here

Whilst this all might not seem much to you, it is big to me. I am actually really happy now my tenants trashed my house. It was what we needed to do what we should have done a while ago.

So whilst this meant I had to change my dream of buying a house in Canberra this year and I had to move somewhere I vowed never to live again it has been a good change. At first thought it was a horrifying change for me to have to face, but looking at it in a different light has helped me be more proactive about the whole situation as well.

An added bonus to this whole situation is my husband is now considering renovating homes for me. (I realise a lot of the world has seen house prices plummet and it is ridiculous to even consider. In Australia our prices haven’t dropped at all, in fact they have gone up and up). There is no way he would have changed his feelings if we stayed in Canberra.

This change has also opened doors for opportunities I would not have had if I had stayed in Canberra. I haven’t been here long, but I can now see it was the right thing, despite my reluctance.

Going with change can be good.


  1. I agree. Some things are just meant to be, even though it doesn't look that way at first. Who knows, your hubby might really enjoy the renovating, and decide on it for a career.

    I really like for things to go according to plan, too, but I've had to learn to go with the flow more, being married to a Tongan :-)

  2. lol, oh, yes. I 100% understand having to learn to go with the flow more courtesy of a Tongan hubby.

    So far, he is hating the renos, but the move has bought up another opportunity, so it was def meant to be. :)


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