Monday, October 18, 2010

Moved house

I moved house on Saturday and I have ALOT of work to do, so might be a bit MIA this week.

There is so much work to be done on this property and we want to get it done asap. None of the rooms are really useable since the tenants left it in such a lovely state for us.

I have got the bathroom done and roach bombed the place, so it is starting to come together. One of the rooms will be painted tomorrow, so we have a timeline.

The aim is to renovate and sell asap. We had been trying to decide between selling as is and buying something we like or doing some renovations and sell it for more.

I ran into a friend who just retired from being a real estate agent and he advised we do the kitchen and most of it is about presentation. Funny, my sister in law and I just talked about this.

Basically, most people can't see potential in homes. The better a home is presented e.g. neutral colours, very clean and nice furntiture, the more likely it is to sell for what you want.

A lot of people can't see past the different paint colours or old furniture to see the gem a house could be. Which is great for thos eof us who can see potential. We bougth this house because of the "potential". It just never got done.

Now we finally have the money (and my husband has the motivation) to do it all. We have quite a list, but it's all cosmetic and nothing too large, other than sanding and polishing the floorboards.

We've set a budget, but are aiming for as fair below that budget as we can get! We priced things today and should be able to come in well under.

So please forgive me if I don't get on here much this week. I will try.

Thanks and welcome to all my new followers too! :)

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  1. Good luck :) It's not easy to just say: paint and sand the floors, clean and stage!

    But you can do it.


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