Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Update on survey sites who I use and who I don't

I have listed a variety of ways to make money and numerous survey sites and things on here. Recently quite a few of them have changed and I have had many issues with them. As such I am dropping a fair few and will be listing here who and why.

Paid survey bank/cashemailclub/groceryclicks etc... They are all run by the smae people and at first were good, but now are not paying out, not responding to emails, the payments in the emails have dropped dramatically and I am now getting a bunch of spam from other sites curtesy of these ones. Avoid them!

Valued opinions was good the first time I used them. I did my surveys, although $2 did go missing, and got a voucher. This time I got to $19.50, did 2 more surveys which were worth $3.50, so well over the $20 threshold. When I logged in to get my voucher I was down to $11. No explanation, nothing. My money had disappeared. I have emailed regularly and got basically no result and wont b seeing my money, so I no longer recommend them anymore either.

I’m really sorry if anyone has had problems with any of the sites I recommended. They were all good when I was using them, but many of them seem to have lost it and basically turned into scams. I really did use them and they were good. Things change though, so I will be keeping a close eye on the ones I still recommend.

I won’t do mystery shopping anymore. It’s just not worth my time. Most shops take 15 – 30 mins to do, then another 20 – 60mins on a survey for not a whole lot of cash. If it is for Coles/a bank I use or whatever I may consider it, as I am going there anyway and it usually only took me 15 minutes to fill in the required paperwork. Payment seems to have dropped on many of the sites though.

I have left the mystery shopping sites up in case anyone else would like to do them.

The 2 sites I have gotten the most from are WDYT and Pure Profile.

On WDYT you get sent emails you click on for 10 points as well as offers for credit cards/accounts etc... where you can get up to 1050 points. You need 2000 points for a gift voucher. You can also log into the site and sometimes there are banners you can click on for 10 points. Sometimes there are 2 or even 3. They tend to refresh each hour too, so if you log on and banners are there, check back in an hour and you could get more. This is an easy way to build your points.

I have found them to be great at replying to emails, the vouchers get sent pretty quick and it is easy to do.

Pure Profile will send you emails to let you know there are surveys in your account, but you are better off logging in regularly. There are 10c website visits, surveys etc... that change regularly. Once you reach $25 you can cash out. You can only cash out $50 in 60 days though. I have found it’s easy to reach $25 without too much effort.

Productreview takes a bit more effort, because you have to write reviews on products, but it doesn’t take long to get enough for a $20 gift voucher and if you have nothing else to do, why not. Go systematically through each category, so when you want to earn vouchers, you know where you’ve been.

I have also found Vibe village brilliant for trying new products for free and it has been really easy to use. I have had a few different packs from them, all very generous. They are quickly becoming a favourite of mine.


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  2. I use I've tried some others but had the best results from this one

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  4. Hi,
    I was getting really excited because with Paid Survey Bank etc I was supposed to be getting over $250 lol, it came out of my survey account, and then had the same email you probably did about payments being delayed, now I notice the money is back on my survey accounts again, I've tried emailing them too, and notice their paid to click ads have dropped down to 5c, I'm hoping they will pay out on the 10th of next month, if not I won't be bothering with them again either.
    I've just had my first lot of samples sent from Vibe Village - a huge lot of Cadbury chocolate, with cookies, nuts and coffee, you are right - they are very generous!!! I just have to have a few people around to help me eat it - yummo. I've just applied for their newest one - the pet food.
    Right I'm off to check out the Your Voice site MMBB has mentioned above :)
    Oh, and I'm off opp shopping tomorrow, I'm hoping to find some books that I can sell on Fishpond. Loving all your tips.

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  6. I used to find your voice really good, but haven't had much from them lately. They are genuine and I have never had a problem with them.

    I was excited too Kaye. Hopefully we get paid next month or something. Glad you liked the Vibe Village pack. They are always good. :)

    Hope you found some books too!

  7. I am creating an account with Pure Profile. Thanks for the link.


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