Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Making money challenge

How would you like to have $1,000 by the end of the year? Maybe $2,000? Or even $5,000. Or maybe you would like that amount to put towards a debt?

I am setting a challenge for my readers if you’re up for it? It’ll benefit you financially in more ways than one!

I want you all to see how much you can turn $100 into. You see, in my post how to make 1 million dollars I show you that it is as easy as starting with $100 and doubling it over and over 14 times.

You don’t have $100? Well, what can you do to get it? You can click here for all my posts on making money to give you some ideas, but here’s a few anyway...
- Do a few hours of babysitting
- Mow some lawns
- Do some ironing
- Cleaning
- Sell things online
- Have a garage sale or in house sale

So once you have your $100 how can you turn it into more cash? Buy things to resell them. Use the money to make things to sell at markets and things. Use it to advertise a garage sale. You can do whatever you like. The aim is to increase it and reinvest the money you make to make more money.

What I want you all to do is turn $100 into as much cash as you can by the 30th November. I want you to tell me about what you are doing, ideas you’ve had, post about it, email me, add photos, anything!

Why? Well, would you like a $100 bonus to go with that? That’s right $100 CASH! (Australian dollars)
I’d like you all to write about your experiences and either put a post up or email them to me. At the end of November I will put up a linky and everyone can vote on their favourites. The winner will get $100 cash, just in time for Christmas.

You don’t have a blog? No worries. Email me your experience, with photos if you like and I will post it here for you, so you will still be in the running!

PLUS since most of you know I’d really like to get to 1000 followers by November 30, if I reach my goal there will be more than one winner. That’s right, more than 1 chance to score a cool $100 cash.

PLUS (but wait there’s more lol) as we go along I will still be doing my 500 followers give away, 750 followers give away AND I might even throw in a few for good measure. There will also be a HUGE give-away when I reach 1000 followers!

So want to join me?

Here’s my button to put on your blog if you like to help spread the word.


* Since only 3 people joined it was decided in Oct not to have the linky and give aways. Sorry.


  1. I'm in! Not sure what i'll do but I'll think of something lol I'm one of those people who don't even have $1000 :)

  2. Oh sounds fun ;o)

  3. Awesome! I'm sure there's lots who don't have it! :)

  4. This sounds so good!! I cant wait to see what people do to make their money grow.

  5. This is very very tempting lol, I love this kind of challenge. I'm thinking I would buy things and then resell them for a profit. You mentioned having a garage sale . . . this wouldn't really be making money from your original $100 though would it. As you would be selling stuff that you already have.

  6. Glad you like it.

    With the garage sale Kaye, you could use some of you $100 to advertise it or to buy things like sausages/drinks to sell at it as well.

  7. I'm tempted, need to do some more thinking - I think I just need to organise my time better.

  8. I am sorry I am late (not too late I hope?) but I am in! I have posted my first post about it. Good luck everyone!

  9. Not too late nellbe. Good luck. Thanks for doing a post!

  10. Impressed with your goals. Following you back


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