Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Do you prefer good customer service or to save $2?

I used to just go for the best deal and most of the time I still do, but there are moments I draw the line and want nothing to do with certain businesses/companies. Really bad customer service will make me walk away forever. I don’t care if they are cheaper/give me a discount/offer a freebie. I do give second chances and I understand mistakes happen; that won’t make me leave. When things consistently go wrong or staff are repeatedly rude, the business is dead to me.

This week I tried a new bank. They are a sub bank, trying to appeal to the younger market, branching off a major Australian bank. I tried them because I was offered a gift voucher for simply signing up. So I did.

What. A. Mess. I want nothing to do with them. They do not have any of my money and frankly, i would not trust them with my money.

To start with I contacted them about some issues I was having with my account. They weren’t urgent and it was my fault. I called, got through after waiting on hold to horrible music for ages then it cut out. So I emailed them instead. They emailed back and asked for a time/date/number to call me on. I gave them the details and they agreed to call me. They confirmed this with me a couple of times. This happened in the morning.

They were supposed to ring at 3pm. 3:40pm still no call. No email, nothing. I send an email asking what happened to my call.

4pm I call them and get everything sorted out.

4:20 I get a call. They received my email etc... and asked if it was a good time to talk. At this time, no it wasn’t I had screaming kids, was in the middle of changing a nappy and I said so. I also said it’s been sorted, don’t worry about it.

Can we call you back a bit later?

No, there’s nothing to talk about it’s done.

(This sort of thing went on for a bit.) Finally I said, rather sternly, “I do not need a call back, it is not a good time. You were supposed to call me at 3! Don’t call me back. It’s done. Thank you.” And I hung up.

Then I get another call from them, same thing. There is obviously no communication happening here. I do not trust a bank with my money when they can’t keep track of themselves.

Now whilst it might not seem so bad to some and the fact they called me back should be good, they were being thorough? No, they weren’t. They were not communicating and admitted it on the last call.

The interest rate on this account was .26% higher than my current savings interest. It’s a promotional thing and with my current savings, I would only gain a few dollars by using them. Having an unreliable customer service is not worth gaining $3 to me.

Maybe later they will get it together, but I think right now they are too new and still sorting themselves out.

I wonder though, are you willing to sacrifice decent customer service to save a few bucks or are you adamant there is a certain level you won’t step below?

In my teens and even up to last year I didn’t care. Price was the only thing that mattered to me. Lately though, I am more picky.


  1. Good customer service if very important to me and worth paying a little extra. In the long run, that good customer service could end up saving you money by saving you time and saving you from potentially costly mistakes.

  2. A lady that I volunteer with in our school cafe is a mystery shopper and I'm seriously considering signing up to assist with customer service on the Sunshine Coast.
    x Felicity

  3. So true Maureen.

    Gifts of Serendipity, I let companies know when they give shocking customer service now. Mystery shopping helps. Funnily enough all the stores I mystery shop at are always good!

  4. I choose good customer service nearly every time! That's one of the reasons I shop at the grocery store I do; it may cost me a few more cents here and there, but the employees are friendly, the store is clean and I've always gotten help when I needed it.

  5. I am a new follower from the blog hop
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  6. Just blogging around this morning. And I just loved those quotes. As far as customer service, well I must say yes, it is very important to me, and since I stoppoed smoking two years ago, I'm terribly cranky in the store if the customer service is bad. I almost embarrass myself.
    Thank you for letting me visit.

  7. Welcome new followers.

    Glad to see I am not the only one who values customer service! I wish more businesses would realise who we all feel.


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