Saturday, August 1, 2009

Free eBooks and Sites I like

Here is a collection of links to blogs and sites I like which are related to finance, self improvement and that sort of thing, free downloads such as eBooks and anything else I think is relevant.

Free eBooks
Napoleon Hill – Laws of Success. Written by the author of Think and Grow Rich, The Laws Of Success is an excellent book that will change the way you think.
What does it take to make One Million by John Assaraf, author of The Answer (this link is not a free download) and he was mentioned in “The Secret”. I much prefer The Answer to The Secret as it focuses more on actively doing things to achieve your goals rather than just ‘thinking’ them to be like in the secret. What Does It Take To Make One Million is a great read by a great author.
Build Wealth Like a Billionaire
Scathing Weekly has a list of 35 free eBooks

Sites I read – Finance/personal development
Bucksome Boomer
Cents to Save
Eventual Millionaire
The Simple Dollar
The Saved Quarter
Every Penny Earned
Early Retirement Extreme
Financial Planning Tips
Simple Savings (I mainly visit the paid forum here)
Professional Family Manager
Steve Pavlina is a personal development/motivation site.

Non Finance
Let The Games Begin! This blog is about Day Zero, 101 things in 1001 days. She has some funny adventures, like her zoo trip.
Miggles Masterpieces has an array of crafts and cooking.
Mission 101 is another day zero project blog with some great completed projects.
The Life and Times of an Ordinary Girl has much more than health and things but she has done some awesome posts recently specifically about health!
The Ingredient Detective will give you lots of info about what we are really eating, putting on our skin etc...
Foody Mommy has some awesome recipes and advice.
The Bush League Cook is trying out different recipes and blogging about it.
Wycked Sweet Designs with a name like wycked sweet, don't you just want to taste?
The Skinny Fight is a weight loss blog I like.
Wardrobe Oxygen is an interesting fashion blog. It is real, every day advice, not high end Vogue nobody really wears stuff.
Can we do it, Yep we can! covers everything from paying off the mortgage and turning a hobby into a business right through to weight loss and health.
Our Surprise Wedding is all about the plans for a surprise wedding which takes place in July 2011
Sandflies, Cyclones and Pumpkins is about gardening, cooking and more. It has some awesome photography.
Taiwanxifu means Tawain Daughter in law. She has moved from Australia to Tawain and blogs about her experience.
Denley Diaries has great advice on food storage
Denley Music has excellent free music resources.
Blue Mountains for Families is just getting started but will be awesome. It will have links and posts about things to do in the Blue Mountains.
This is a similar blog, but is for the Hunter Valley and is awesome too..
Mands on a Mission which is about her mission to get debt free as well as a mix of reviews and other things.
Haed and Other Cross Stitch shows some amazing work they are doing.
The Radical Home Maker shares about her life and things that are happening and she is doing.
Great Googa Moogas just set themselves a challenge to reduce their fabric stash, amongst other things.
Thoughts on life and dirty diapers has an array of things from health through to being a mum.
I’m a Full Time Mummy
Maxabella Loves
The Muffin Monster

Home decor
Thrifty Decor Chic was the first home decor blog I got into.
The Hand Me Down House is a recent find of mine and I am really liking it.
The CSI Project has a different challenge each week which you can link too.


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  2. Stop doing this to me, or I'll never get to bed lol. I've just checked out your first link for the blog of 'Eventual Millionaire', and I've saved it to my favourites, I will have to start reading it at the beginning, it looks so good, once I've read it, I'll have to check out all the others you have mentioned.
    I borrowed 'The 21 Challenge' from the library today, I can't remember if you've mentioned this book or not, but it looks like a good read, I'm already pretty good at budgeting for my groceries, but who knows what else I may learn from it. Right back to reading . . .

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