Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Comprehensive list of online survey sites/ market research and mystery shopping

I have mentioned earning money online and survey sites, mystery shopping etc... a few times on here. Many of them are Aus, but lots also have global equivalents or links to other country options on their sites.
Recently I have discovered some new ones, so thought I would share an updated list. Also some of the sites have changed their rewards since last time I posted. I’ll start with the new ones and the ones that pay cash. Some open in new windows, some don’t.

Spidermetrix gives the options of donating to charity, evouchers or getting cash. It's easy to earn points and you don't need heaps to get paid.
Pure Profile has been pretty good. Every time you get $25 or more you can cash out straight to your bank account. You get paid to do surveys and click on sites. Pretty simple money really and for me it has been reasonably steady. I log in regularly to see, as the more I do, the more I seem to get. Plus there can be new things put up throughout the day.
Rewardscentral and Myopinons are linked and pay cash. You can transfer your My Opinions points to Rewards Central.

Basically RC (Rewards Central) will have web clicks every day worth 2 points, often they have between 2 – 3 bonus web clicks worth 2 points each as well. They have a survey of the day a few times a week, worth 3 points. Even if the survey is not up if you click on it you get entered in the $10,000 competition.

They also send emails worth 5 – 10 points and they have lots of shopping partners you can shop with and earn points, including eBay!

My Opinions is a survey site you get points for completing surveys as well as an instant win each week where you click on a square and can get between 0 and 500 points. You can transfer points to RC once you have 100 or more.

You need 3300 points for a $30 cheque or 10100 points for a $100 cheque.

WDYT pays in gift vouchers for Bunnings, Target, Kmart and Myer. You need 2000 points minimum to cash out. If you sign up as a premium member you will get up to 5 emails a day. Some you get points, others are offers to sign up to things for points (such as credit cards and dodo internet). If you log in regularly to the site they often have banners you can click on and earn 10 points, so you can get to that 2000 points much quicker than you’d think!

Yourvoice has been an easy one to get vouchers from for me. I get surveys from them a lot and have cashed out for movie tickets (though I don’t think they offer these any more) as well as shopping vouchers for places like Target.
Productreview is a site you write reviews and get a voucher for Coles/Myer. It doesn’t take long and you get between 5 and 10 points per review. You can cash out at 420 points and get a $20 voucher. They send them pretty quickly too.

I am now pretty sure paid survey bank, cash emails, grocery clicks etc... are all scams. I was told payment for them is delayed, but my money has just gone missing, so I will nto be using or recommending them anymore.

Market research
Incase you aren’t sure what market research companies do, I’ll explain it a bit. You sign up for free, answer some questions, then when they have clients (ie companies) who need your age group/genders opinion about their product they get in contact with you. Sometimes it is a 1 hour focus group, other times it is an all day thing. Some just send you stuff to try and fill out a survey for them on your opinion of the product. It’s pretty easy and can pay quite well.
Izatso is a great way to try free products as well as earn points for vouchers.
Red Galah is a market research company you put your details down with and they will contact you when something comes up.
Farron Research is the same.
Vibe village is a site you sign up to and then register to be a “party host” when things come up. I recently got accepted to host a Cadbury party and a Masterfoods party. I got sent a box of new Cadbury chocolates to try with my friends and review as well as a dvd of the new show Offspring, which is about to air. I’ll get sent some Masterfoods sauces to try in the same way soon.
Soup is another site you can review products and things. They will email when they have something that suits your profile then you fill in a survey and get sent whatever they want you to trial. It has been pretty good. I especially liked doing a nappy trial when my daughter was born! I got like 100 free nappies.
Neilson homescan is one I can’t do but other people do it and love it. Basically you have a scanner and scan everything you buy. You can get free products and things to try through them.

Bargain sites (for Aus)
Here are some sites for Aussies where you can get a bargain. Coupons are everywhere in the USA but here, we don’t get much. I’ve used these sites and scored some good freebies/discounts.
Buckscoop is good, but you need to keep on top of them. I did some cashback offers with them and had to email them a fair bit to get my payment. They take 3 months to pay you after completing the offer and they missed me, twice, so it took more like 4 adn 5 months both times. That aside, I have found some great bargains and sales through them.
Scoopon lets you know about great deals.
Spreets is the same, as well as Jumponit, Ouffer and Our Deal .
Free Samples is exactly what it says, a site where you can get free samples!
Oz Bargain is another bargain site.
My Savings is another site you can get freebies, coupons for discounts and freebies etc... I’ve gotten quite a few good ones from here. Things like perfume/after shave, baby lotions etc...
Comping Club is a great place to find out about competitions and enter. You never know what you might win!

Mystery Shopping
Is where you sign up with the companies and they will email you to let you know what shops need to be done. You can choose to do them or not. You usually have to go to the shop, assess certain things without being obvious, possibly purchase something and fill out a survey when you are done.

I’ve listed the companies I have personally used here, but there are plenty more.
Capeesh is great for things like pizza. You buy something and they reimburse the cost to you the following month.
Integrity Shoppers has been good for flowers for me! I haven’t used them a lot. There is more, but the floristry comes up a lot.
Gap Buster are worldwide and pretty good.
Hoed are an Aus and NZ mystery shopper site, with a fair amount of shops available.
Market Pulse is another one.
Shop Angels often have things different to your usual fast food and Coles.

Remember you don’t have to do every shop. Pick and choose the ones close to you or where you regularly go. It can be a great way to get paid to do your usual shopping or banking or even get free take-away.

There’s lots of companies out there. Usually you sign up, they email when jobs are available, you log in to apply for the jobs you want then do the shop. There’s questions you’ll have to answer and you’ll need to keep all receipts and things from your shop.

It gets easier as you do it. You can even get awesome things like flights, accommodation and attractions to mystery shop.

Generally you pay for things, then get reimbursed the following month. I have made a few hundred each month at various times. I’ve gotten slack lately though!

Not all shops require you to buy something, sometimes you are just making an enquiry. Make sure you keep records of everything though.


  1. Thank you so much for posting such a comprehensive list of all the sites and how they work! I have been following your blog for a while (and on that other site where they treated you unfairly). Also made that chocolate cake recipe from your book - we all loved it!
    I look forward everyday to seeing what you've come up with for us. Thanks again

  2. Thanks for the post, I've started some of the survey sites that you have mentioned, and now have made a favourites folder on my computer, so I can access them easily everyday. I love following your blog.

  3. i did market research in uni for extra cash. Some of the stuff was hilarious. Like watching ads and twiddling a dial to indicate how "engaged" you were. visiting from TAT.

  4. I'm glad you all liked it! It took a while for me to get it altogether, lol.

    Thanks for being there from the start Pinky!

    A favourites folder for them is a great idea, thanks Kaye!

    Some of them are hilarious hey even-star.

  5. Thank you for visiting my site.. can't wait to dive into yours and see what it's all about.
    I'm now following you too!

  6. Hi, just re-reading your post about surveys again, you mention that you do Cash Email Clubs, which is one of the Top Offers ones, do you also do these from Top Offers - New Offers Club, Grocery Clicks and Daily Email Dollars? I've been doing them plus the Paid Survey Bank one, and have over $180 already between them all (haven't been paid yet). Is this in Aussie dollars do you know?

  7. Hi Kaye. I haven't had time to do any of the others, but have seen them. $180 is awesome! It is in Aussie Dollars, wish it was USD! That's be nice. lol.

  8. there are acutally six sites all up Paid Survey Bank, New Offers Club, Cash Emails Club, Daily Email Dollars, Grocery Clicks and Surveys for Mums. Myself and my husband have both been members of all of these since July so have racked up almost 500-600 for the September payment woo hoo.

  9. Has anyone actually been paid by cashemailsclub, grocery clicks etc. and to be paid do you have to give them the email address that your Paypal account is connected to? I use a hotmail account as a contact email but my paypal has my bigpond account email. So I assume you have to give them the paypal email address? I have done that - I'm just wondering if anyone has actually been paid?

  10. I would like to post a warning to you all, regarding the following paid email sites:


    They have not paid ANYONE for clicking on their email ads.

    When the pay out date 10/09/10 arrived, the following started to happen.
    1. Emails received from each site stating payments have been delayed.
    2.All the accounts having less than the required amount have been made to zero.
    3.Not a single known person has been paid or a mail has been replied by any of these sites.
    4.After 9/9/2010, the only PAID email's sent are for 5 cents and it does not increase your account balance.
    5.No other way or earning money other than to click the mails they send (no reward given for clicking offers available in the site)
    6.Site owner has been concealed (WHOISGURARD)
    7.No phone contact has been offered, and they are not responding to email enquiries.
    8.Clicking on receent activity link does not bring up account history or paypal details.

    I joined up newoffersclub.com today under a false name to run a test, and sure enough the paid emails started comming in again like when I first joined.

    Please don't let their Terms and Conditions fool you by saying that "you are paid when we have been paid." All of the above testifies to their fraudulent activities.

    My wife and I are on Disability Support Pensions and were really relying on the money for essential items. We feel outraged and embarassed that we have been conned as I have also recommended the sites to my friends and family who have also joined at my recommendation.

    Further reading can be found at;

  11. I have not been paid since joining in 4 months ago...they do not respond to any of my e-mail requests for payment.

  12. Hi Anon,
    Which ones specifically? I have not had a problem, though I did have a problem with valued opinions for a while, but they have sorted that out. But that is why they are no longer on my list. Everyone else I know has not problems.


  13. i did get paid from cashemailsclub.com but it took a few months of them saying that payments have been delayed but now their emails have gone from 5c down to 1 cent so it will take forever to get to $50

  14. Glad you finally got paid. I have stopped doing them because the emails are only1c and it is not worth my time, so they are not on here anymore.

  15. I'm a Mystery Shopper too and I love it. Just got free dinner and a free movie this weekend. Thanks for stopping by!
    Heather www.thingsthatkeepmesane.com

  16. definitely not with gapbuster, they never pay on time (if at all) and the word on the street is that they are falling apart financially and struggle to manage their cashflows. if you want to be paid reasonably for your efforts, I suggest do not waste your time with gapbuster.


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