Monday, July 19, 2010

Bucket list

I love the idea of a bucket list, a list of things I want to do before I “kick the bucket”. Now, whilst I hope I do all these things and I really aim to, if I was told I only had 2 months to live or something, I know I would not spend my last days rushing around trying to do these things. I would spend them with my family. (Ok, some of them I would try and do coz they are WITH my family, but you know what I mean. My family is the most important thing to me!)

Here is mine... (I’ve grouped them to make it easier)

Service/volunteering I want to do
1.) Build a house for humanity
2.) Turtle conservation (Costa Rica would be really sweet, but there is one in Nth QLD which is closer to home
3.) Foster a child
4.) Raise $10,000 for a charity (I haven’t decided which one yet though...)
5.) Volunteer in an op shop
6.) Work in a soup kitchen
7.) Take my whole family (parents, siblings, nieces, nephews, the lot) to Salt Lake City for a General Conference. (not technically a humanitarian service, but it’d be something really special for my family)
8.) Do something to help in Africa, I haven’t decided what, but probably help with orphans

In Australia

9.) See the Great Barrier Reef (I don’t have to snorkel it or anything. I want to see it, but in a way that is the least damaging, so have to research it a bit first)
10.) See Uluru. I used to want to climb it, but now that I know it is sacred to Aboriginals, I only want to see it. Yes it would be amazing to be on top, but I would not want someone defacing something sacred to me. (Just my opinion, I don’t hate or think any less of those who have, I am just not comfortable doing it)
11.) Visit each capital city, I actually only have Perth and Darwin to go.
12.) Caravan around Australia as a family
13.) Ride a camel in the outback
14.) See a wild frilled neck lizard
15.) Climb Mt Kosciusko
16.) See whales in the wild
17.) Climb the Harbour Bridge (Achieved October 2010)
18.) Own my dream house in Australia (completely owned, not mortgaged!)

In Asia and surrounds

19.) Climb the Great Wall of China
20.) Ride an elephant in Thailand
21.) Do a Thai cooking class in Chang Mai
22.) The Ho Chi Minh Trail
23.) See The Bridge on the River Kwai
24.) See the Taj Mahal


25.) Kiss the Blarney stone (although at the same time the thought of kissing something so many people have kissed repulses me! Lol)
26.) See the Eiffel Tower
27.) Gondola ride in Venice
28.) Leaning Tower of Pisa
29.) Greek Isles cruise
30.) See the following countries England, Ireland, Scotland, France, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Greece, Netherlands, Romania, and Turkey.


31.) Visit New York
32.) Road trip route 66
33.) Hike in the Grand Canyon
34.) Travel the pioneer trail
35.) Take my kids to Disney World

Be able to do/things to learn
36.) Learn to surf
37.) Learn a 2nd language fluently (Tongan or French)
38.) Learn 3 songs on the guitar
39.) Live overseas somewhere for a year (probably USA)
40.) Go on Safari in Africa
41.) Go to a Rugby World Cup
42.) Fly somewhere in first class
43.) Go on a cruise
44.) Live in Tonga for 3 months at least
45.) Learn to shoot a gun
46.) Become financially free
47.) Ride a horse
48.) Ride in a hot air balloon

49.) Get to a size 10 and stay that way for at least 6 months (preferably permanently!)
50.) Donate blood Done 2010 for the first time, but not the last.
51.) Host a MASSIVE Halloween party
52.) Host a how to host a murder dinner party
53.) Go on a road trip with no specific destination
54.) Have at least 10 lessons in a form of dance
55.) Learn 3 Polynesian dances
56.) See the pyramids of Egypt
57.) Go to Mexico

Those are my main things. I’m sure there’s more. Isn’t there always? lol


  1. What a cool idea to create a bucket list. I think I will try it. Also, following you back.


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  3. Great bucket list! I have to do one of those! Just checking in from FMBT! Would love if you'd swing by and do the same.

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  5. Wow! amazing projects! I havent done a bucket list yet, but whenever i watch something on the food and travel channel, i always wanna do them... Im your newest follower from FMBT! Hope you could drop by, say hi, and follow back!

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