Sunday, May 16, 2010

My day at the market

The markets were interesting. I sold a few books and had quite a bit of interest, lots of positive comments and people taking my business card.

Unfortunately I didn’t get to cook things from it like I wanted to, but I am hoping to go again in 2 weeks and cook then. I was thinking of making a few chocolate cakes to sell and sell slices of, as well as cookies and slices from my book. I was also going to have small samples to taste.

There weren’t many people around at the market. Probably because it’s winter, which means it cold and windy there. There weren’t many stalls either so not a lot to draw people in.

The markets don’t advertise at all either, so many people don’t know where it is. It’s the only Saturday one I know of, all the others are on Sundays, but I go to church and won’t work on a Sunday.

I had a good chat with a lady who does a really interesting business from home. She’s going to email me details I can share with you all.

I have found with markets people tend to look one week and buy later if they are locals. I should have a helper next time, and with selling the food and things I will be able to lay my table out differently and hopefully attract more people.

I was truly amazed at how many stall holders sit there reading a book and ignoring everyone who walks through. The best way to get people to stay and talk about what your selling is by saying “Hi, how are you?” and making small talk. If you are talking they will hover longer and you are more likely to make a sale. It’s not hard to do, but I was pretty much the only one doing it.

Hopefully I will get to go back. Just need to work out if my kids can be looked after and if I will have time to cook!

By the way, if you plan on selling food, make sure you have the right certification for your area or you can end up with big fines!


  1. Hey, just thinking of your book, have you tried commission based sales where, say, you offer kindergartens/ schools/ scouts/ guides etc 10% of all sales amount? Bought quite a lot of things like that myself! They generally send home a notice - colour is fine, doesn't have to be too glossy ... you could do a pic and maybe a sample recipe ... stress 10% goes to (name of organisation) ...

    I would even have a go at taking in a sample cooking book with a plate of "tastes" to a business or two and see how that went ... I am shameless! ;o)

  2. Thanks Zoe. I was planning on approaching a few businesses like Newsagencies, but hadn't thought of schools and things. Great ideas, thanks.

    And shameless is good! lol


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