Saturday, May 1, 2010

A much needed realization

I have been procrastinating a lot of things lately. I have a huge list of things I have wanted to do to improve my blog and just haven’t. Recently I discovered I was in the top 500 on wisebread. I watched myself go from 465 to 468 which was not the direction I wanted to go.

I have since improved my ranking to 456 and hope to go much further up the list. All I did was one small thing. I got on twitter as you can see to the top left. I had signed up a while ago but done nothing with it. Once I started tweeting my ranking jumped.

This was what I needed to see that those things I have been meaning to do really matter. I will be doing more to change my blog and plan to be blogging more.

I’ve realized that I need to manage my time better. I need to prioritize more and set better ground rules for working. I enjoy blogging and always mean to have a set time to do it, but I tend to just squeeze it in around everything else I am doing.

Seeing my blog go down then up made me realize how important it is too me and how by focussing on it more and doing a few little things I can make a big difference.

So bear with me whilst I implement some changes, learn about twitter and things. Hopefully I’ll get it all done quickly.

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  1. Hello! Thanks for the link to Wise Bread. :)

    Check out the Wise Bread forums, especially the "Bloggers Corner" sub-forum. Pretty cool PF bloggers hang out there, and are very helpful.

    Also, I encourage you to apply to write guest posts. Wise Bread has a guest posting program, and I think it's been great for the authors and our readers -- growing the community of people helping each other and all that.

    You'll be cracking the top 100 in no time. ;)


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