Monday, May 10, 2010

Buying quality

Quality doesn’t always mean expensive. You can often find quality items at bargain prices if you are patient and know where to look. Too often though we are impatient and end up buying the cheaper item only to regret it later.

Sometimes getting the cheaper item to use now whilst we save for the quality item is necessary. If you have the money though, I would always go for the quality item. Sure it might cost more now, but if it really is a good quality item it will outlast 5 “cheap” versions and often have other benefits.

Take the printer I got recently for example. I needed a printer/scanner. More for scanning than printing. There was a machine there I really wanted and am saving for it. I don’t really have the space for it, as it was a printer/scanner/fax machine, so about twice the size of what I got and well and truly more than twice the price.

I do like my printer but it chews the ink. It uses ink like a Land Cruiser uses petrol. It chews through it. If I did a lot of printing, I would end up going through a lot of ink, about 5 times more to be exact. Combine that with the fact that it is only designed to last 1 year, whereas the model I wanted will last 7+ years (according to them) with industrial use, the more expensive QUALITY printer is clearly the better choice.

Clothing is another good example. I often see women wearing ill fitting clothes. Why? Because they can buy cheap tops in the cheap shops where the clothes are made in China and are really not designed for “curvy” women. 5 ill fitting tops for $50 is not a good choice. Whilst it may be cheap, are you really going to wear those clothes much? You probably feel uncomfortable and self conscience in it. You are much better off spending the $50 on a well fitting top that looks like it was tailor made for you, that you will get good wear out of than the 5 cheap tops that will probably fall apart after 5 wears anyway.

Whilst the initial outlay for quality items can mean a real hit to your savings, long term it is the better choice. But how do you know if it really is a quality item?

Ask friends and family their opinion.
Research it online.
Talk with various sales assistants. Some are just there to sell anything to you, but some of them are truly honest and do know their stuff!
Talk to experts. Do you have an IT expert at your work how could give you their opinion on the laptop you want to buy? Is someone from your church or sports club a professional photographer and can tell you about which camera to buy for your purposes?

There is lots you can do to ensure that what you want to buy is worth your money.


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