Sunday, April 11, 2010

Online Mastermind/money clubs

I thought I might offer a suggestion for those who would like a money group but are unable to attend one.

Did you know on FaceBook you can have private groups? So no one can see them except those who are invited. So all you would have to do is sign up to Face Book if you haven’t already and create a group.

You select whether you want it visible for all or just private, invite who you would like to join and that’s it.

You can post messages on the wall, put in links, have discussions, upload photos’/videos etc... to show or help each other.

It is completely private, so if you want to share ideas or whatever it is only the members of your group who can see it.

It’s not the same as having a sit down conversation but if you happen to have any light bulb moments, or something you want to tell another member of the group, you don’t have to wait to see them or call them, you can just post a message and they can respond when they have the time.

It works well for those who find it a bit hard to get together due to differing schedules or for those who live far apart.

I’m sure other social networking sites do something similar, so check it out.

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