Thursday, April 15, 2010

My first GIVE AWAY!!!!

So today I have decided to do my first ever give-away and I am very excited. There will be a few things you can do to get entries in the draw.

1.) Post a comment below
2.) Sign up to follow me and post a comment so I know.
3.) Post a link to this freebie on your Facebook page or blog or other social networking site and post a comment to say you’ve done it.

Each thing is worth 1 entry. Entries will close 5pm Sunday April 18th AEST.

The freebie is a jewellery set designed to help you make money, courtesy of Gifts 2 Impress. I know, this sounds a little crazy, but hear me out.

Many people believe that crystals and gems have energy. Citrine is known as the luck merchant’s stone as it has long been used to promote sales. Its energies are money, luck, healing and protection. It promotes clarity of thought and opens the mind to new thoughts (very good for thinking of ways to make money!). It also increases self esteem.

Even if you don’t believe in the energy of the stone, it is worth $340!!!! So it is still worth winning to give as an AWESOME present or as a nice piece of jewellery for yourself.

As you can see with my bad photography skills it is a pair of earrings and a pendant set in 9ct gold.

Gifts 2 Impress is an Australian owned and run business based who specialize in high quality Australian Opals. You can contact their manager if you have any questions.

Due to postage costs, this freebie is only open to Australian residents. Sorry.

BUT check back regularly coz I will be doing random give-aways of all sorts of things from now on.


  1. What a fantastic idea Silky! The jewellery set is gorgeous :)

  2. What a lovely idea.

    I'm really enjoying your blog, which is actually the first one I'v eever read, so I'm having fun exploring it :)

  3. woohoo! Good choice for your first give away! the photo isn't that bad at all :D

  4. Great idea for a give away, I am liking the blog for making me think outside the box... Great ideas!

  5. SO totally love you blog! And this is an awesome first give away. =)

  6. And I just told everyone on my Facebook about it but kinda hoping none of them enter hehehe

  7. Silky - what a generous give away.
    my mum gave me a crystal for fertility and after waiting 7 years our now 14 year old son was born. So I defenitly belive in the power of crystals - your give away almost brought tears to my eyes.


  8. A lovely giveaway! I am already a follower and I have linked to this post via a post on facebook.

    I really love your blog! I have been keeping up to date with your posts so far...

  9. would love to win!
    I am finding your blog very inspiring, so please keep it going and thankyou!!!!


  10. what a great offer! i love following your blog, you've given me the inspiration to start my own million dollar challenge, cant wait to see you reach that 1 million total

  11. Thank you all for your comments. I am about to post the winner. I used a random number generator to get the winner.

    I am glad you all like my blog.
    Stakky32 glad you think the set is gorgeous.
    Mandy, I'm flattered to be the first one you've really read.
    MeCiNta, thanks for saying the photo's not bad. lol.
    am564 I'm glad I've made you think outside the box.
    LOL Miggles. Thanks.
    Honeycombe, Thank you for sharing your experience. I was hoping people would understand why I chose this piece.
    Low Income Lady. Thanks for following and linking on Facebook.
    Melissa, I'm glad you find it inspiring.
    hollie8452 I'm glad I've inspired you to start your own challenge! I can't wait til I reach the 1 million too! lol.

    Thanks everyone.


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