Friday, April 9, 2010

The Laws of Success - Napoleon Hill FREE

Has anyone heard of Napoleon Hills book The Laws of Success? Most people have heard of Think and Grow Rich, but Rachel told me about The Laws of Success and it is so interesting. It is 20 years of research about millionaires and what “rules they live by etc... Not that Think and Grow Rich is not interesting, they are both excellent books. I had just never heard of The Laws of Success.

It’s an old book, so you can now view it online for free here. If you prefer a book you can hold in your hands you can get it here.

I think if more people made their money using Napoleon Hill's formula, they would be a whole lot more successful and maybe some of the stigmatisms such as "All rich people got there by treading on everyone elses heads" might go away a bit.

I find that reading books like these helps keep me motivated and I find new ideas to apply to my life in each one.

Thanks heaps Rachel for your suggestion!

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  1. Thanks for the link, i'll be sure to have a read when i get a chance. Sounds interesting,


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