Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Finding money

Lately I have been reading a bit about finding money. I find small coins on a fairly regular basis and have occasionally found notes. It got me thinking and I wonder how much money I find each year. So, I am going to start recording the money I find and do something useful with it. Since we can all do with some extra free money, I thought I’d share with you where I find my money. I don’t actively go out looking for it, but when I go on walks I scan the area looking for coins.

1.) In the gutter. I have often found coins laying in the gutter. They fall out of pockets when people get out of cars, they get dropped when people are catching the bus and if you have ever caught a bus you will know the pressure to be quick. If you drop your money, too bad.
2.) In car parks. Again, when people are getting out of their cars it falls out of their pockets, coins get dropped when people open their wallets to see how much they have before going into the store etc...
3.) Vending machines. I check them. People don’t always pick up their change when they buy their food or drink. Also, check under and on top of them. Coins get dropped and roll under things and when people don’t have enough hands they will place things on top of the machine to organise themselves and sometimes forget.
4.) Phone booths. As a kid I used to check these all the time. I remember once there was a group of us walking and there was a set of 3 booths in front of us. My friend checked each one and found nothing. My mum watched as she did it and noticed on the ground some coins my friend stood on and didn’t even see! With mobiles and phone cards there are not as many coins around the phone booths, but if you check where the change should be and on the ground you may get lucky.
5.) On the ground in the supermarket. I have dropped coins there and when I have bent down to get my coin there’s been coins under the aisle’s, under registers, at the ends of aisles, everywhere. It is more common than you think.
6.) Self serve check outs. Amazingly not everyone collects their change. As they are fairly new here many people find them too much and forget. Check the change slot and check under the machine. You might get lucky.
7.) Any sporting event, show, concert etc... there is money to be found, but especially as people start to leave and where the food is being sold. If you don’t mind hanging back a bit it’s all yours.

Basically anywhere that money is exchanged you can find it. Parking meters and pay machines are a good one. I have never looked but people have told me that drive through windows are a good one. Coins get dropped and it is too much of a bother to open the car door and look, so it gets left there. It’s worth a shot.

Ever heard the saying “Watch the cents and the dollars take care of themselves.” Well, it seems for most people, 5c, 10c etc... is not worth the effort of bending over. I don’t know about you, but it doesn’t matter to me how much it is, I am going to pick it up!

Anyone else want to do this one with me? You could keep a jar or tin to put the money in or just remember to write it down. Good luck and happy money hunting.


  1. I'm in, I have a moneybox where I put in any money I am refunded at the supermarket when they mischarge.I'll start another one for dropped coins, they usually just goin my pocket! Interesting to see the amount collected, wantto have a competition?

  2. Isn't it amazing how much you can collect from the supermarket mischarges!

    We could do it as a comp if you like. lol. I found 5c today and got laughed at (By my husband of all people!) when I picked it up.

    It'll be interesting to see the different amounts and if people find more money in some areas than others.

  3. these are all really good ideas, and some fast food chains have picked up on it.. we had to jump out the window of drive through and put the money in the till if there was any ropped... even companies want free money!

  4. Well you are ahead already, though I haven't left the house for 3 days with sick kiddo's. Will keep updating tho.
    p.s thanks for following me on my blog.

  5. Lol Lambchop, funnily enough I am not surprised!

    Overamillion, good luck with your goal, your blog is really interesting!

  6. I'd be interested to see how much 'free' money could be gained if all this loose change was saved up over the course of a year.

    After all, it may only be 5c or 10c at a time, but it all adds up! Just think, if you found just one 5c coin lying around every day for a year, thats $18.25 you've just gained.

    Looks like I might be fighting the kids to claim those odd coins that I spot on the ground from now on! LOL

  7. Does finding money at home when doing the family's washing count LOL? I often find $2 in in pockets or lying around the house in random places. I might just start putting it aside and see how it adds up and put it towards something fun for the family.


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  8. lol, that's upto you. Some people count that as theirs already coz it's in the house. Your choice. be interesting to see how much was found in the washing alone...

  9. up on it.. we had to jump out the window of drive through and put the money in the till if there was any ropped... even merchant account companies want free money!


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