Friday, March 26, 2010

Self Publishing

So I thought I would post what I have learnt and done with self publishing so far.

To start with, I wrote my book. It took quite some time, but once it was done I need to edit it and start looking around for a publisher. To edit you need other people to read it and edit it for you or you need to pay a few thousand to get a professional editor to do it.

After seeing how long it would take to get it published by your normal publishing houses, I decided to self publish. I figured since my book was slightly more unique and had something different about it, it would be OK to go this way.

I read everything I could on self publishing. This article is probably the best one I read and I read all the links in his article too.

Firstly I tried publishing with Bookpal and they were terrible. I would not recommend them to anyone!

When I read the article above I had a look at Lulu and various American publishers but decided on Equilibrium Books and they were fantastic. They checked with me every step of the way, answered all my questions quickly, fixed the lay-out of my book and some errors and everything. I would recommend them to everyone.

Now, my book has been published, though it is not officially in store until 31st March. You can see it here. But just because it is published doesn’t mean my work had stopped.

Before it was officially out I needed a website for it. I tried doing it myself, but I was not very good at it and it was frustrating me, so I got my sister to do it for me. Click here to see my site. I’m very happy with it.

Some people do book launches, but from what I read everywhere they are more expense than they are worth and I ended up just not being able to do one due to many reasons. If you want one, by all means do it.

I have, however, arranged a book signing at a Angus and Robertson, who are carrying my book. I rang the store manager of the Civic store we arranged a date to do it. They were very enthusiastic about it and I will be arranging more. They order the books in and i will just go in and sign.

If you choose to self publish you need to be confident enough to talk about your book everywhere and to everyone. Why? Because if you don’t who will? You are trying to sell copies and it is not that you are selling to everyone. Publishing a book is quite an achievement and most people are very excited for you for that fact alone. The more people you talk about it to, the more people they will talk about it to and so on.

For my book signing because it is a recipe book, I will be making some of the recipes for people to sample and to make it more interesting. I am hoping that by people tasting the cakes and things, they will be more inclined to buy my book or at least remember it for later.

A few other things I have done or am doing is set up a Facebook Fan page, I will be doing a twitter account, plus I am aiming to try and get on TV at some point. I talk about it to pretty much everyone and I have A LOT of enthusiasm about it when I talk to people.

Also I am donating money from my profits to my friend who needs treatment in America for her daughter. I’ve written about it on my home page. They need to go to a clinic in June. I will be doing different charities at different times and contacting the organisations to work something out.

I also plan on doing some markets to promote my book. At the markets I will be selling some things made from my book, the book and having items people can taste. There are a few markets I am thinking of doing around the place, so I will see how I go.

As I learn more or find what works I will post more. You might want to check out this blog as he is on the journey of publishing his book now.

My biggest piece of advice though is to do it. If you feel a book in you, write it and get it out there. Just believe in yourself.

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