Sunday, March 14, 2010

Positive properties

Call me crazy but I have been looking at property again! But seriously, this time it’s different.

You always hear about positively geared properties and I have always thought, yeah right, where, not near me. That’s true, not near me, but they ARE out there.

I have lived in a few states and so kind of know a few areas. Last night I was searching real estate and I was amazed at the amount of positively geared properties out there. They are in obscure areas and I’d like to do more research on how easy it is to rent the properties out there. I am interested in keeping them as rentals, not so much for capital gains, though obviously the best properties give you both.

I have seen quite a few properties that with a bit of elbow grease they would double in value. I guess the thing is no one has the spare money to do it and there are a lot of repossessions happening left right and centre, so the banks aren’t really lending the money. Also most people don’t want to do the work.

I am willing to do the work and soon I will have enough money to buy one of these properties so I am going to keep looking. I am very excited about the possibility of how soon I could be owning property.

I will be talking with the real estate agents and Googling to research the areas more and I will be talking to the bank too, so I will let you know.

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