Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Plans for the next month

I have a few things planned for the next month.

1.) On 27th march I am doing a market with my sister in law
2.) On the 7th April I am helping the same sister in law with her business.
3.) I will finish my 1001 ways to make money BUT instead of an ebook I will be posting it on here and elaborating on various ideas in different posts so it will be FREE for you all.
4.) I will be doing a book signing in Civic Canberra on April 18th and will be organising more here PLUS some in Sydney.
5.) I will be organising a few other things to help my friend with fundraising for her clinic in America for Alstrom Syndrome.
6.) I will be starting my other blog (was going to be my website, but since I hate doing them it will start as a blog and possibly go to a site later.)
7.) I will be researching more on blogging and how to improve.
8.) I will be starting a money type club that I will explain more tomorrow.

So I have quite a few plans for the next 3 weeks. I will be posting the 1001 ways to make money hopefully in the next few days, as I would like it up asap. It will be just the list and I will elaborate more on ideas in different posts, not one idea to a post either, so it wont be drawn out forever! It’s too much info for one post though.

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