Wednesday, March 31, 2010

How to make 1 million dollars

I have been doing a lot of reading lately, about how to make a million dollars, how to make millions per year etc...

One thing that stood out and now I can’t remember where I read is basically all you have to do is double your money 14 times, starting with $100.
So starting with $100, once would be $200
Twice $400
3 times $800
4 times $1,600
5 times $3,200
6 times $6,400
7 times $12,800
8 times $25,600
9 times $51,200
10 times $102,400
11 times $204,800
12 times $409,600
13 times $819,200
14 times $1,638,400

Isn’t that amazing? It ends up being well over 1 million! It sure looks easy, right? I mean doubling your money can’t be that hard. Can it? So how do you do it?

Well, some people do it with real estate, others with a business, some do it successfully online, and some trade in shares. There are lots of ways you can do it.

I think it’s all a matter of how willing you are to work for it? Some ways require a lot more work than others and it’s not all easy. I have been thinking about this at great length due to the properties I have seen lately.

If I bought one, did it up, doubled my money then used that money to buy 2 more fixers, which I could do up and double my money again, I’d have gone from $60,000 to $240,000 relatively quickly. (that is provided I can do the reno’s fast.)
I could then take that money, buy more and do it over a few times to get my desired $1,000,000 but it would be a lot of hard work.

You don’t have to start with $100. Any amount will do but the principle is the same. Look around you. How can you double your money?

Another way is if I sell a certain amount of my books by promoting the heck out of it (which I plan to do soon) I will have $1,000,000. Since I plan on paying 25% of my profit to charity and I need to pay tax on it when I do my free efile, it’s a higher amount of books I need to sell than you’d think, but still completely doable.

If you could make $1 on something and sell 1,000,000 that is $1million before tax. Alternatively selling 100,000 for $10 will yield you the same result.

A lot of it comes from having the will power to not spend the returns on your investment, but to reinvest them instead. By spending what you make you won’t move forward but if you reinvest and reinvest the money will grow and as you can see from above, once you get to larger amounts of money it snowballs quite quickly.

A good way I think (says she who is yet to get there!) is to diversify. That is, do not rely on one thing to make your million; instead, work out a few income streams. You could use property, online and shares. You could do some selling, start your own business and invest in property. Whatever you feel comfortable doing, whatever combo feels right for you, go for it.

And just to give you a little heads up, I have shortened my deadline for $1,000,000 by a lot and my aim is now to be financially secure, completely free by the time I am 30. I do not think this is crazy. I think it is totally doable.


  1. Hi Silky. Buying and revonating property is the easiest and fastest way to millionaire status. Are you planning on doing that? You could propbably do it in about 2 or 3 years if you had the means. Also I heard about Ebays first millionaire.

  2. Hi Jodie, I am very much planning on doing it, it is just a bit hard atm with a 1yr old and 2yr old and no properties anywhere near me that would be suitable. I am trying to work things out so I can start this soon, because I can see how quickly I can do it.

    Who's eBay's 1st millionaire?

  3. Mark Radcliffe.

    Here is one of the links that I have found.

  4. Hi Silky. Great post! Only doubling 14 times sounds too easy! What happened with the experiment you mentioned on ss?

  5. Hi Rachel, it does sound easy doesn't it? lol

    I had an awful weekend and couldn't do it, so will try to do it later. Thanks for asking.

  6. Hey, brilliant post, and yeah it does sound like an easy way to make a million!! What I've been trying to do is see if it's possible to make a million from the kindness of others, whilst also documenting any other money making ideas I have. Check it out -


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