Monday, March 15, 2010


Competitions aren’t a guaranteed way to make money. I entered all those ones in the magazines last month and won a big fat nothing, which I kind of expected.

But all those competitions that are free to enter you may as well try. This month I will be entering every competition I come across that is free to enter. Free to enter for me will include those competitions some products do where if you buy one or two you can enter whatever comp. I will only do that with products I already buy though and actually need not every single one in the store.

I figure by entering every competition I am bound to win something sometime and since a lot of competitions are now completed online it won’t cost me anything.

I will be keeping a record of every competition I enter, what I write for those 25 words or less ones and that sort of thing.

One thing I plan on doing that I have never done is reporting trolleys. Quite a few of the retailers such as Woolworths, Target, Franklins etc... are signed up with trolley tracker which is a site where you can report lost trolley’s. You go in the drawer to win one of 5 $1000 prizes each month. Considering I don’t know anyone who actually reports the trolleys, it’s worth a go.

Another great site to check out is Buckscoop they have competitions, cash back offers, freebies, deals and vouchers on their site. Some things can take a while for you to get the money, but it costs nothing to join, so you have nothing to lose.

Not all competitions are cash prizes obviously, but anything for free means a saving elsewhere, so I still think it’s worth it. Even if you won’t use the prize, could it be used as a gift or sold to get some cash?

So I’ll be on the lookout this month for competitions, in shops, in my local paper, online, everywhere. If you hear of any, let me know.


  1. Hi Silky! If you're interested in comps, try it's free to join and the members list all the competitions they find on the site. I've been a member now for about 5 years and have done pretty well with entering comps :)

  2. Hi Silky,
    What happened to your Million Dollar Challenge thread on SS? I miss it!

  3. Thanks Pinky. It got "quarantined" So I asked if I could start another, so it's under 1 million dollar challenge if you look in the forum now.

    Thanks heaps!


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