Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Book signing and helping others.

I have organised a book signing which I am VERY excited about. I rang Angus and Robertson in Civic Canberra to see if they would be interested and the manager was VERY interested. She is ordering in books, working out a day, it will be a Saturday and organising everything!

I will be cooking and taking some samples of recipes from the book as well. The manager was so friendly and helpful. She was excited because I am a local author (it sounded so weird to be called an author!) and she told me they had a cook book signing before Christmas and sold out, so was very keen to do another.

I chose Angus and Robertson because they have always given the best customer service and been supremely helpful every time I have gone to a store. My book is available through them as well.

I was hoping to organise a few more promotional type things today but unfortunately for my daughter she has been quite unwell, so we spent a lot of time at the Drs and have to go back tomorrow. We have some medicine which I am hoping helps her. At this stage we have diagnosed 1 thing wrong with her, which should be gone in a week, but they are testing for a few other things. Nothing too serious, but I hate seeing my baby this way. I was proud of the fact that I diagnosed her correctly (it was confirmed by the Dr) and my suspicion of what else might be wrong is what the Dr suspects, so I am glad I am in tune with my daughters.

The whole time I have been working on my book I have wanted to use some of the proceeds to help charities and things. I have chosen who I am going to help until the 31st of May. My friend’s daughter has Alstrom Syndrome, a very rare genetic disorder and she needs to go to America in June for a clinic. That’s why I set the 31st May deadline. Only 2 people in Australia have it and she is one of them. Flights alone are $10,000 for them. There is more information on Alstrom’s here

In June I will be donating a percentage of my profits to cancer research in memory of my mother who died 10 years ago this June of cancer.


  1. Wow, what a generous thing to do. I bet your mum would have been so proud...

    I was going to order a book, but if you hold a book signing, I will come along and buy one then.

    Perhaps you could contact the charities you are going to support, and ask them if they'll help promote the book. Its a win-win situation for you and them...Just a thought.

  2. Thanks Katiegirl.

    Come to my signing! It'll be in the next few weeks. You'll get a special message! lol.

    I thought of contacting the charities a while ago but forgot, so thanks for remininding me!


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