Monday, March 29, 2010

1st meeting

We had our first money club meeting today, though there were lots of interruptions and it didn’t quite happen fully, but it was a start.

Not all of us ended up being able to make it, 1 of us was late (me) and another one of us had to leave early, so there ended up being only a small window where we could talk.

One thing none of us thought of was switching off the mobiles and they all went off, so there were lots of interruptions that way.

I come away feeling very inspired and motivated though. I know one other member did, not sure about the other as she had to leave early. I hope she enjoyed it.

We are aiming for another in 2 weeks. Mobiles will need to be switched off and hopefully I will have done a lot of things on my list of things to do by that time. I’m sort of motivated to do it as I will be accountable to other people.

I guess as we have more meetings we will have more of an idea as to how we want to do it and how we will help each other. I think it will be really good


  1. Hi Silky, have you read Napoleon Hill's book on the mastermind concept? It's really inspiring and might help you have a clearer idea of how to develop your mastermind group. It's called Law of Success and is in the public domain so you should be able to download for free.

  2. Thanks Rachel. I had read Think and Grow rich but not that one. I'll look it up.

    So far our club had just been based on The one minute millionaire, so it'll be good to read other ideas onteh concept.



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