Sunday, February 21, 2010

Setting work hours

It is so important to make proper work time if you are working from home. This is something I have not really done. I have just tried to grab small pockets of time whenever I could, but it is not working. I have been unable to do a proper schedule because of my husband’s shifts but I am well and truly sick of it.

If you do not have proper “work hours” people will take advantage of the fact you are home. You will get tempted to do other things and end up wasting a lot of time.

You need to make everyone aware of when your work hours are and be vigilant about sticking to them. If you don’t stick to them and view them as work time why should anyone else?

If you work online like me and do not need the phone on, switch it off or take it off the hook. That way you won’t get distracted. No one can call up for a chat or to see if you can go out.

At the start you probably won’t get taken seriously. “You’re at home all the time, you can work whenever”, “oh, it’s just an at home job, not like a real job” etc... You get the idea. But the thing is if you want whatever it is you are doing from home to work properly it IS a REAL job and you can’t do it whenever, your hours are from xxxx to xxxx on x,y,z days.

If you find it hard and have kids can they be babysat by a friend? Do you have occasional care in your area? Even though it is initially an outlay of money, it is well worth it. You will then have definite hours that you can work child free.

Sit down, work out when you are going to work then make it happen.

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