Tuesday, February 16, 2010

No longer a Tuppwerware Demonstrator

I am no longer doing Tupperware. I wasn’t doing it heaps anyway, more for friends and family occasionally. I received an email yesterday stating that if I was not going to be doing 1 party a fortnight, then I was not going to be part of Tupperware anymore. It is no something I was looking at building up, more letting go of it, but was going to check if any friends or family wanted anything before I gave up. In the email it stated if I did not go last night, they would assume I did not want to do it anymore and that would be it. I didn’t go.

It is good for the money every now and then, but with my husband’s shifts, driving too a party, setting it up, doing it, packing up, paper work and you’re not guaranteed much money, it is a lot of work I would rather put into something else. With my book about to be published, a website I am trying to build and other things I can do to make money I felt Tupperware is no longer worth my time.

As a way to start and get some money behind you with no outlay it was good, but it is not something I would continue.

I have listed things on eBay. Things that I have been meaning to list for some time. Maternity clothes, books, Xbox games and things. I am hoping I sell most if not all of it. I have a few more things to list tonight and I already have a bid on one item.

My biggest prob with listing on eBay is I then browse on eBay which is BAD! There is nothing I NEED.

Sometime in the next week I will be taking some old DVD’s to one of the games places. I know I will probably only get $1 a DVD or something, but they are just sitting there and once you take out eBay fees, it is really not worth listing these ones.

I am hoping with haircuts and things this week will be a good week. I am planning on booking in next week for the markets here to sell the jewellery. I might have a helper lined up, so we’ll see.

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