Thursday, February 18, 2010

Money for your reviews

I think I may have found us another site to earn money on. It is not a huge amount and I am waiting until I get a payment before I say who, but it looks promising.

It’s writing reviews on products and you get points for each review, depending on how many words you write. The points accumulate and you can cash them in for vouchers.

Obviously there are a few problems. Since it is writing reviews, not doing surveys there is a limit as to how much you can earn. There are products already listed in various categories for you to review so it will be dependent upon how many things you have used that they have on the site.

Your review will be checked by a moderator before you earn the points, so you may or may not actually earn the points (I have not had a problem with this so far). I think the moderation is good as it stops spam reviews.

Being voucher rewards it is not like cold hard cash and there are only a few places you can get the gift cards for. The upside is you can use the vouchers for groceries or presents then save the money you would otherwise have spent.

All in all it seems good. It only takes a minute to write the review and you get points for signing up, so it shouldn’t take me to long to earn a reward. I’ll post back to let you know how I go.

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