Thursday, February 4, 2010

Finally getting there

Well it just keeps getting better and better. My book is up to the final formatting. The publishers have been brilliant and have let me know every stage, what’s done, what’s left etc...

I am finally getting the hang of the website building and am hoping to have that all done next week. I am so excited about it, as I have been very discouraged. I will be buying Dreamweaver and 2 other Adobe programmes tomorrow, so my total will drop for a little while.

But on a good note I sold another book for $20 this morning and a pair of earrings for $70. I did a few surveys and signed up for 2 more survey sites. I will be listing more of the jewellery this afternoon. I can do that in between things for my daughters, but building the website I really need quite time.

I feel like everything is finally coming together. I am feeling quite confident about my goal. It’s baby steps at first but once the ball is rolling it will all come together.

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