Monday, January 4, 2010

Selling Books

Australian Money Saving Tips

Yesterday I was inspired by the above site to clean out my books. I don’t remember which thread in the forum it was that I was reading but they were talking about selling their books which made me look at my book collection.

I love books and have a lot. Many more than I need and plenty I have never read. In about 10 minutes I located 10 books I could sell and listed them. That was in 1 of my bookshelves. I have another bookshelf to look through yet. I am sure I could find 10 more.

As well as books I am going to go through my DVD collection. There are so many DVD’s we don’t watch and I would rather get the money for them. I will have to check them all with my husband though; he can be a little possessive with DVD’s.

I use Fishpond to sell my books. They charge $4.99 on my behalf for postage and they can stay on there until they sell. They also now have a facility to enable you to “go on holidays” and not have to relist everything, as you are expected to send books within 2 days.

Disadvantages of this site are that even though they charge $4.99, they add it to your sale price then remove their fee of 10%, meaning you are only getting $4.50 for postage. Also it takes up to 2 weeks to get your money. I have found that contacting them is near impossible a lot for the time, despite trying to reply to emails they send me, so sometimes it can be a very frustrating experience.

I have found I usually get a higher price on Fishpond than I do on eBay or similar. I almost have enough credit in my fishpond account from listing books and doing a few reviews to get a book for nothing.

One thing to remember is when you are listing your books ensure you click on pay into my bank account. When I first started listing, I missed that and it means you will only be able to spend what you make on Fishpond not wherever you like.

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