Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Off to Sydney

I’m going to Sydney tonight. Part of me wants to go the other part doesn’t. We will be gone for a week and I am hoping it will be good.

I am hoping to make some jewellery and Tupperware sales whilst we are there. If I am lucky I will get to do a few haircuts as well to boost my money.

I have a free day today. My mum has my daughters. I have been trying to use the time to do my website but I feel like it is beyond me. I am not very computer savvy and I am finding it quite hard. I’m sure I’ll get it.

I have some haircuts booked in for when I get back and I will be listing things on eBay when we get back too. I have decided to go through our Tupperware cupboard and sell the things we don’t use. There are not a lot of things, but every little bit helps.

I have been working on my e book too and hope to have that finished in the next 2 weeks. If I am lucky I will get a day to myself whilst we are away and will be able to work. The week in Sydney is not a holiday so it shouldn’t be a problem.

I have a few other things I am looking at possibly doing, but I will let you know more later.

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