Saturday, January 30, 2010

Magazine competitions

I am doing an experiment with those puzzle magazines with $xx,xxx worth of prizes to be one and with the “real life stories”. I think you can guess the ones I mean. I bought the 2 main ones and did the puzzles, filled in the entry form and posted it off. Now it’s a matter of waiting and seeing if I win anything.

In the meantime I have done some calculations. These magazines are $2.90 and $2.95. They come out weekly. If you bought it each week and entered every week it would cost you $304.20 for the magazines, about $10 for envelopes and another $57.20 for the stamps to post them.

I do know people who have won things from these magazines but your chances are slim. If you think about the millions of people entering these sorts of competitions it’s kind of like trying to win lotto. There are some awesome prizes like cars, whitegoods, large sums of cash, but a lot of the prizes seem to be useless to me. I could give them as presents or sell them, but I am hoping for a cash or big prize, along with everyone else. I really doubt I will win anything, but we’ll see.

The other interesting thing about these magazines is they will pay you cash for every aspect of the magazine if you send something in and they print it. Pictures of your kids, funny stories, money saving hints, real life stories/dramas etc... Up to $2,000 for a story actually.

So over the next little bit I am going to have a go. I am going to send in something for every part of the magazine and see if I get anything printed. I will have to sit and think for a bit, but I have a few good stories, some money saving hints and some cute kids pics, so that’s a good start.

I am going to have a look at all magazines and see what I can send in and get paid for then see what ones I actually get money from. Brilliant thing is with email it is easier to send them (and cheaper) and since most magazines are online, I can look up the competitions and story things for most of them without having to purchase the magazines.

Stayed tuned to see how I go!


  1. That's funny....I'm writing up my "money making" list at the moment, and that was one of my ideas, too.

    Also, we've got a really funny video of DS4 when he was a baby, and I was thinking of sending to Funniest Home Video, as they have a $10,000 weekly prize.

    Not just those mags you're talking about (I know the ones you mean, lol!), but also ones like Readers Digest pay $50 and up for funny little stories and anecdotes.

  2. I think a lot of people have this idea. Funny you mention Readers Digest, I just got a copy coz I remembered they pay $50 for the little jokes and things to fill pages.

    I know a few others pay for funny stories and things too.


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