Friday, January 1, 2010

My first jewellery sale!

I really wasn’t expecting to earn much this time of year, due to Christmas and New Year’s, but things have been going ok for me. I have sold some of my jewellery. A small amount but it’s a start.

I was with a friend at a shopping centre, she is visiting from interstate and she wanted to look at some jewellery stores. I told her I have some and my sister in law does it wholesale and its better quality than the shops she was looking at. She asked if I had silver hoops, which I do and voila. My first sale.

I find it hard to mention what I do. Even this blog I haven’t really told people I see regularly about. Some of them know, most do not. I don’t know why. It always seems to get caught in my throat when people ask what I do. That is something I aim on working on this year, being confident enough to tell people about my blog, my jewellery, whatever I am doing. If I don’t tell people how will they know?

I am thinking once I reach the $1,000 I might invest in the shares I wish to buy and buy in $1,000 lots.

I have also been doing a huge clean out (again) and have found more things to sell online, despite me not having great successes of late. I figure without trying I won’t know and every little bit helps.

So this week my plans are

Clean up all the jewellery and photograph it to sell it.
Finish sorting and organising then list my pile of things to sell online.
List the rest of my things I have made on madeit. Hopefully I will make a sale on here one day!
Re evaluate all books I have listed online. Either list some elsewhere or take them to a 2nd hand book store.


  1. congrats on your jewlry sale!

    you wouldn't have a simple pearl ring would you?

    I'm enjoying following your challenge - and you have given me the push I need to get my act together and open my made it shop - I've set myself a deadline of Jan 10 to put some stock in it!

  2. Thanks. I don't have a pearl ring right now, but am checking with who I got my jewellery from to see if there are any there.

    I'm glad your enjoying it and that it motivated you to open your madeit store. I need to put more in mine!

  3. Sorry Melissa, there aren't any. Have fun finding one.


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