Monday, December 21, 2009


Today I used my money to purchase things that I am positive will make me money. I didn’t invest in shares. I bought jewellery. Before you think I am crazy, hear me out.

It is not jewellery I bought in the hopes it will increase in value. It was liquidation stock. Over $8,000 worth for WAY less. (I won’t say how much, but it was a bargain.) I looked it up to see what it was going for online and I will definitely make a profit. Things like $300 watches were $40, $135 opal pendant now $15 etc...

It was from a reliable source and I already know how I will sell it. The items were purchased a few years ago, when gold was $15 a gram, now 9ct is $75 a gram, so these pieces were cheap as compared to what could be bought now. I figure even if I make an extra $500 on the lot it’s worth it. The $8000 is based on RRP from 3 yrs ago, and it would easily be 40% more now.

I have not spent on it more than I have and I am so excited about it. It probably sounds crazy, as you wouldn’t invest in things you don’t know about. I do know a bit about it and my sister in law is a jeweller who has offered to help me and has gone over it all for me, so I am not alone in this.

I can’t wait to be able to start selling it.

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