Thursday, December 24, 2009

Earnings this week

So much for not having anything on to earn money. Besides the jewellery I bought, I ended up doing some hair cuts for my neighbours. I sold 2 aprons. I am getting paid to feed 2 dogs. I helped my sister in law this week and got paid for that.

So after buying the jewellery I now have $650 in cash and jewellery worth over $8,000 RRP, but that I will sell at less than RRP, but I will leave it as worth that much at the moment.

So this week has seen my net worth jump, which is quite exciting.

Besides the jewellery I purchased a few things at an op shop which I will be able to resell. They cost me $1 and I will be able to sell them for around $20.

My ultimate aim with selling the jewellery and everything else I am doing is to have enough for a house deposit. It may take me a while, but I am determined.

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