Saturday, December 19, 2009

The $2,500 milestone!

I am so excited! I reached $2,500 today. I have been so busy it has amazed me.

I have picked up quite a few new clients through word of mouth and it seemed everywhere I went this week people were asking me about it. I really should get some business card done.

I helped my sister in law at the markets today, which went really well. I am so happy for her.

I finally set up my made it store this week (see to the right). I still haven’t added more to it, but I will.

My hairdressing is obviously my biggest money maker at the moment. I am so glad that I have regular client sand that business is picking right up without me doing too much. I am blessed that my clients are all cool with me bringing my daughters. To me it is unprofessional to take them, but most of my friends organise to have their friends come to their house and they watch my kids for me whilst I do their friends hair so I am EXTREMELY lucky. Not many people are blessed with friends like me.